Olympics 2012 Conspiracies & The BBC

The BBC is making yet ANOTHER documentary about “conspiracy theorists,” this time focusing on the London 2012 Olympics. They want me to be the “icing on …




  1. the bbc and other companys have shown programs that are appparently "mock ups" which actually come true, this is part of a larger conspiracy, where they condition us give us a situation that seems unthinkable, but when it does happen they have already conditioned the mind to the outcome they want, their is a shit load of proof to prove this theory.

  2. I know what David Icke will tell them – you want to know ?
    He'll tell them to go f@*** !! themselves,So why do you still need our opinion as to whether you should even consider their invitation.

  3. Leaving it a bit late arent they?

    Why do you think no one wanted to touch this story?

    Perhaps the bigger story is the fuckwits who believe this shite?

  4. I think your full of shit and talking about "shit" you should shave that shit of your face are you trying to look like a man???

  5. hey Paul Watson i'm mareasha's brother,turntblejinxter, i sent a message to your Facebook account(D.T.Campbell) and i'd really appreciate yur reply,there are a whole heap of intelligent peaceful and gentle people with mental health diagnoses getting forced to take fukkries pharmaceuticals in injection form,da psychiatrists and nurses/social workers are a bunch of vampires werewolves and sheeple people with no class trying to turn us into zombies,I won't have it anymore

  6. Who arsed if u go to Manchester or not ur a small man trying to make it big on utube go behave urself. Icing on the cake? Man icing on ur face weirdo

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