Obama’s Secret Antarctica Trip: A Planned WW3 Escape Route? (Operation Highjump Russia + U.S.)

This documentary short is a complex presentation of recent U.S. and Russian visits to Antarctica, the Nazis, and Hollow Earth, including its importance in Nazi …




  1. why did TRUMP become President? because the Americans voted for Him,.. well what's the point because it is fact and no facts on this YouTube channel.

  2. Lol only if you guy's knew… Under and over the ice there is other land masses… The globe concept prevents you from knowing this..BUT it's not uninhabited… The people who dwell there have the means to stop military and civilians of our "pond" from infiltrating.. The so called ufo technology we got wasn't from another planet… But from right next door.

  3. Evil Globalist Cowards hide from the wars they start and we burn as they laugh and eat caviar in their well stocked climate controlled tax payer funded Dumbs.Its just continuity of govt.” comrades”,you should celebrate as the globalist govt.scum fuckers are allowed to live after destroying the world for everyone else.

  4. Governments having been telling lies for a long time and its scary to think what the hell are they hiding thats so big,What if we new what would it change?My prediction would be that it would come clear we have been lied to for years and years before are time,Is there another world to another dim mention beyond the north pole?

    I think the times coming for disclosure the awakening is happening at an unprecedented rate its a matter of time when the lid will be off and a hole of so much deception will be lifted,

  5. If there is a hollow earth,how does one give credence to a flat earth hypothesis.If the earth is flat how can there be an entry to a hollow realm. the earth is not flat.

  6. anyone but me notice google earth will not allow a view of the S.pole? everything around it but not the pole itself!

  7. Is this black guy the former president of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? Where the hell you guys had your neurons? knock knock Where's your brain?

  8. I'm shure Russia wanted to be the first to claim it for the resources that was before all nations agreed no one could own it

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