NSA Official: Conspiracy Theorists Are Dangerous & Potentially Violent! Cass Sunstein’s New Book

NSA Official: Conspiracy Theorists Are Dangerous & Potentially Violent! Cass Sunstein Writes New Book! *SUBSCRIBE* for more great videos! Mark Dice is a …




  1. All right… I'm gonna do it now, I really really really am gonna start building guillotines. High Frequency Guillotines complete with a treadmill, hydraulic driven blades, and a wood chipper. This way we can get rid of the scum almost as fast as they can siphon off your 401k…

  2. Cass R. Sunstein, another Rothschild Zionist puppet without conscious or any humanity left in him. Just doing his job being a teacher in spreading demonic lies to our future generations. He needs to be ignored. 

  3. You know what, Cas Sunstein is correct, we are dangerous, the truth is dangerous to these criminals…..revel in that, they are afraid of us, they are losing, the ratings of the MSM are falling through the floor, and the lies are becoming more and more see through. The fake world reserve currency is falling apart and another war, I think, will push the people to the point of outright rebellion….they have no recourse, and they can see the end is near…..I put most of this foolishness and outright traitorous behaviour down to that fact. They are like a cat in a tub of water, scrambling to get some traction before they drown…..but unlike a cat they will most likely drown.

  4. of course his main motive for this desperate move to shut down any conspiracy talk is to protect Israel and its long history of criminal activity…
    "It is one hundred percent certain that 9-11 was a Mossad operation — period."
    – Dr. Alan Sabrosky, frm. director of Strategic Studies Inst., US Army War College

  5. There are laws on the books that define Conspiracy as a crime. Before a group of conspirators is charged, prosecutors have to develop a theory that they try to support with evidence in a court of law; a "conspiracy theory." What the f**k is this f**king idiot Sunstein talking about?

  6. Most conspiracy theories are obviously not violent. In fact, everyone has at least one or two conspiracy theories, and not everyone can be violent. Also, Sunstein, in saying that he believes that conspiracy theories are dangerous, is himself expressing a conspiracy theory. There are plenty of conspiracy theorists who think other conspiracy theorists are conspirators. Sunstein is likely one of these people.

  7. Haha I must be a killer then you know, 14 years old not even American. Canadian but I still see what really goes on and know about why FEMA camps are really placed, about 911, RFID chip, the buildaburg group and more. I even emailed the Obama's website saying this and of course they didn't respond. I try to open peoples eyes but I mainly just get made fun of. I still try though, support from Ontario,Canada fuck you Obama! Nobama care

  8. I'm taking the time to do a tweet every few days that looks like I'm promoting his book while linking to this video. Such a great guy, his ideas need to be known better!

  9. Conspiracy theorists aren't dangerous. They're necessary.
    Evey Government of this God forsaken planet knows this. Yet, deny it, they will.

  10. I believe in a lot of events were conspiracies but a lot of people like me are fags because they go around informing people about them like anyone cares. Do you care that 9/11 was staged? I certainly do not give a fuck…

  11. The whole conspiracy theory situation is a huge waste of time. It gets everyone worked up and paranoid about something they have little control over.

  12. What makes us violent? How are we violent? I see what makes us dangerous; so dangerous that more people can call bullshit on the government and over through it (because it is bullshit) and its within our rights, but violence!? Every conspiracy theorist should know that we wouldn't shouldn't make the kind of attack like 9/11, we shouldn't use violence. All we need to do is point a finger, call bullshit and watch the government stutter and not answer the damn questions. Hopefully humans won't have to use violence to prove a point.

  13. In a dictatorship the danger comes from the conspiracy theorists revealing the truth. In a democracy,  it is the conspirators that constitute the danger.

  14. mark, the2nd Amendment protects only citizens in 'well organized malitias'…..Not rednecks in their trucks, grandmas in their homes, and anyone who wants2walk around starting   s**  w/stronger people in order2kill their ass'  legally (georgeZimmer) b/c they applied4a concealed carry license……………………
    #wellOrganizedAntiGov't/CitizenProtectionMalitias #notEVERYcitizen ….???

  15. yeah your dangerous if you don't buy the bullshit are governments selling.but the nsa not dangerous stepping all over the rights and freedoms of America.the nsa is Americas hitlers s.s

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