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  1. The theory about SpongeBob being the product of nuclear waste is true, actually. Bikini Bottom's under the Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands and our government conducted nuclear tests and detonated plenty of atom bombs in the ocean around the atoll during the Cold War. And actually, some of the stock footage of explosions from older seasons are recordings from those tests. And Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of the show, did make an unaired pilot that mentioned the nuclear tests. #TheMoreYouKnow

  2. rugrats conspiracy:
    Angelica was the only child so when they were going to have Tommy and he passed when he was bored she didn't know what he looked like and just imagined what he would be like
    with Chucky apparently during the birth of Chucky both him and his mom died so that's why chuckys dad was always a nervous wreck and with Phil and lil the mother had an abortion so Angelica didn't know what gender the baby was so she decided to make them twins

  3. Fred from Fred: The Show and Marvin from Marvin Marvin are the same person, and Fred left his Mom and he tricked the new family that he was a alien by a secret device he found when landing on another planet by sneaking in a ship to a planet and then he came back to earth and found that random family, so Fred Figglehorn and Marvin are the same person!!!!! (Gasp!!!!) (dramatic music)

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