1. I have a lot of issues with this my friend.

    #5 – favourable officiating to help big market teams win the cup? I think that is ridiculous. Although they want more money they are not going to chance at manipulating the league.

    #4 – yes, the draft lottery is a questionable one. I'll give you that.

    #3 – pretty well the same point as number 4, but I do think Pittsburgh was gifted Crosby by the NHL.

    #2 – the allstar game is a vote. Yes they may manipulate it (like they did John Scott), but it wasn't the NHL who elected Toews over Panarin last year, it was the fans. This "theory" of yours is far fetched.

    #1 – not even going to comment. A ridiculous ridiculous accusation as far as I'm concerned.

  2. Should photoshop flames and devil horns around Bettman. I'm sure there's a few conspiracy theories on why he doesn't want the NHL to participate in the Olympics or any league affiliated with the NHL like the ECHL, AHL, etc. So we're left with people we never heard of.

  3. You left out something really important. The realignment and change in playoff format. It is no longer 1v8, 2v7, 3v6, 4v5 playoff format. "It's about matchups" to quote the NHL on this. They now control who will face who in the playoffs to create more drama. The dramatic matchup might not neccesarily take place in any given round. Two teams meet. One loses and says "It was good experience. We'll beat em next year." Maybe the NHL would like to see that, and that was the only reason they let you into the playoffs this season. It's actually all about next year.

    Do you think its a coincidence that the playoff format changed to being all about matchups, and by direct extension all about gambling, and suddenly Vegas now has a team? Coincidence? Ya think? Maybe? Just, kinda slightly?

    Fuck no, it's not a coincidence. Pheonix just rehired Rick Tocchet as head coach, whom they fired for what? For getting caught up in a GAMBLING SCANDAL. Hmm, coincidence that he gets his job back and Vegas has a team? Hmmm.

  4. It's stupid how the avs have one of the worst seasons and they get 4th in the lottery and Philadelphia gets the second pick with one of the worst odds

  5. How about quebec v flyers 80s semi final playoffs ref'd by kerry fraser. Nords were better but fraser threw series to philly. Probably on orders.

  6. Ovechkin was highly touted too, but the pens didn't get him, even though they were the worst team in the league, the year before. Granted, they got Malkin, who turned out to be a better fit anyway (and don't forget, Malkin didn't come to the Pens, until a year later).But the truth is, the pens were awful, before the Ovechkin draft. Us long time season ticket holders had to endure the "boys of winter", and the "generation X" seasons. The only plus to those miserable seasons were, I could move from my behind the net seats, to the center ice seats, during the first period.

  7. funniest dumb stuff you implied in this video: there are a group of nhl conspiracy theorists and that group does not cross over with nhl fans

  8. McDavid to Edmonton after Edmonton had three first overall picks already. . . . has me totally convinced the draft is in fact rigged. Picture the Edmonton organization without the unlikely event that they won the draft for the fourth time. That team would have been folded and moved without McDavid.

  9. I believe in most of these theories, especially the first one! I watched these recent playoffs and noticed how so many smaller market teams got screwed… Pittsburgh ran through these recent playoffs way too easily IMO.

  10. I used to think that the lottery was rigged, but honestly that makes no sense though. Edmonton got a shit ton of first picks in a row. Edmonton is a small market Canadian team. The league has shown absolutely no problems when it comes to small market Canadian teams leaving (like Winnipeg and Quebec in the 90s) and they'd make more money off of USD than CAD so Edmonton moving, potentially to the States, would actually greatly benefit the league. That, plus Arizona is a team that the league has always been trying to capitalize on but failed. Wouldn't they have gotten a first pick by now? They're almost always crappy enough that mathematically they have a good chance to win the lottery. McDavid would do wonders for them, and the overall concept of a hometown Auston Matthews getting picked by them could legitimately have done wonders for a franchise the league's been trying really hard to make work. Going back to the McDavid pick, though, I legit can't think of a team the league would've wanted to have that pick /less/. Maybe Buffalo since they're a small market too? But that year, Boston, Los Angeles and Toronto (who, like it or not, is one of the league's biggest markets) were all a part of that lottery. Toronto winning could've even passed as legitimate, too, since they had really good odds of winning. Why not rig that draft to have the guy you're promoting as the future of your organization to go to the biggest market available? Why give it to Edmonton, who up until that point shat all over every first pick they got?

  11. Regarding the last point about lock outs… If this is a valid theory, I must say that it seriously backfired as it did not make true hockey fans appreciate the game more! It only succeeded in pissing a lot of fans off resulting in a lot of us cancelling our season tickets, and in my case after having seen how greedy the League, Players and especially the Owners were acting…. I have not only stopped supporting "my" (past tense) team, I have NOT even watched a single hockey game on TV since the last lock out! As the other local 85 people I know have done, and we used to be die hards, travelling 250kms to watch every home game! It's been 5 years since I have even watched an NHL game on TV. Even though the team I used to support made it to the final play off round once since then. Have lost all respect for anyone involved with the NHL period!

  12. There is no equal chance in the draft lottery. Every team has a chance but the lower teams have the best. Thats why Edmonton got #1 all those years. Its not an equal opportunity conspiracy

  13. Guy the cup isnt rigged or Toronto wouldn't be going on 50+ years without winning. It's the largest hockey market. Also gotta chose between Toronto or Edmonton to give the best player since Crosby too. Oh and he's born on the gta. We better give him to Edmonton cause that makes sense..

  14. Edmonton is a big market team??? your a fucking moron!!!! alberta (the province Edmonton is in for you dumbass americans) has 2 nhl teams and has a smaller  population as a province than new York or la!!!!

  15. Most of these don't make sense , if the draft is rigged why would Edmonton always win ? You don't want a team like Edmonton to win, small market crappy shit hole in the middle of nowhere, plus leafs one of the biggest market and they never win

  16. The fact Edmonton won so many is what made me consider that they stopped rigging it some time after Crosby. Lock-outs have cost the company more than a few fans. I stopped watching my team for 3 seasons I was so disgusted.

  17. how about gretzkies betting millions of dollars threw rick tochett on nhl games when they were owners coaches of a shitty nhl franchise involved , that story saw the light of day for two hole days ,,how bout las vegas being 14-2 at home because visiting teams can walk into acasino drop the bomb all across town on themselves toloose , biggest hockey conspiracy ever ,russia diving in the miracle on ice for political reasons those same teams played weeks earlier i believe russian almostscored twenty if not more goals i know they def. won by double digits , and lindross dating mob boss of philly skinny joey merlino , and also was friends with the mob boss when the flyers hit the ice against detroit in the stanley cup ., was lindross payed to take a dive , or was he doped up andhad pictures taken with ten dicks shooting loads on his face , either way despite philly being over a three to one favorite , mob boss skinny merlino saying bet the flyers in 4 games clip after clip,lindross despite more shifts than any flyer , would not shoot thepuck at an empty net , he didnt register a point until detroit was up 3 games to nothing had a 2goallead with under a minute tp play in game four, despite that detroit did end up being one of the greatest team ever assembled someone didnt like detroit winning four strait , as very shortly after that a russian limo driver with five russian hckey players from detroit had a horrific career and life ending accident that the driver walkedaway from, just food for thought for another video kid

  18. Buffalo always comes up short and the Canadian teams always get the #1 players unless its Pittsburg ? Lemieux has more pull than anyone in the NHL .

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