News Flash: There is NO Conspiracy w/ Bad Batman vs Superman Reviews

This video…I never thought I’d have to make this but it needed to be done. Enjoy! ——————————————- Twitter:http://bit.ly/tGD2vT …




  1. Great video NGS! Look, I know we have our differing opinions, but at the end of the day we both have to respect our right to voice them, something clearly people like Grace Randolph don't understand. I really liked Batman V Superman, but I am getting tired of seeing this constant fans vs critics war that has been blown WAY out of proportion!

  2. People like Beyond The Trailer just aren't looking at this logically.
    No one's out to take BVS down. It just wasn't a good movie.
    All of the MCU movies are coherent, decently entertaining at the very least. You can dislike them, but there's a reason the franchise has gotten this far with what was considered "second-rate" characters. BVS wasn't that.

    So when she's on twitter using terms like "Marvelite", she's just ignoring the notion that maybe, just maybe, BVS wasn't a good movie.

  3. finally someone brings up the Jason momma and Ray Fisher thing for some reason nobody's made video calling out the B.S. in that cause when I seen those tweets i was like this salty son of a bitch lol

  4. Oh yeah, and I'm a DC fan, probably like it over Marvel to be honest, but this movie wasn't HORRENDOUS like so many people are saying it is. I'd give it like a 5.7 minimum to a 6.3 maximum out of 10, with the best thing about the movie being Afleck's portrayal of both Batman & Bruce Wayne and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, given she was only onscreen for about a 1/5th of the movie so I'll have to wait until she has a bigger role & more screentime to be able to truly judge her. Even as a DC fan, I was actually more hyped for Civil War from the get-go than I was for BVS; I think DC should stick with the animated movies since they've been doing those so well lately & should even start putting those in theaters quite honestly and let Marvel do their MCU thing because, the way I see it, DC would stand more of a chance against Marvel with their animated movies going against Marvel's MCU films rather than trying to go head-to-head with live-action against live-action.

  5. This is why I don't get wrapped up in what critics say about a movie. If they thought a movie sucked, then well, that's their opinion. If you loved a movie, but critics hate it who cares. I hate Mad Max and think it is garbage, but I'm not going to say that critics were paid off. This whole critics being paid off for good reviews thing is stupid in both video games and movies. I highly doubt most reviewers would consider taking money for a review as if word got out it would hurt their credibility. Not saying it doesn't or can't happen, but even IF they were paid off (which is NOT the case here obviously), again does it really matter?

    For once in a very long time Neo I agree with you. Opinions are opinions everyone got a right to them and they all matter to someone.

  6. Its wb fault for cutting 4 hour original cut to 2.5 hours and putting plotless villain like doomsday than Superman red son bizarro. Superman red son comic is better than death of superman storyline which should've been use third sequel. Wb were not patient and didn't use there brain put this movie and split it 2 movies one show batman, wonder woman, flash and aquaman as characters and reason for batman vs superman because of superman 2. Superman beat batman with kryptonite arsenal due knowledge prior, this first fight concludes similar to lex Luthor man of steel comic.
    Part 2 batman v superman second fight have audience be shock that batman beat superman without kryptonite but with red sun radiation arsenal "red son comic" conclusion having flash stop the fight tell that mission is complete and superman will not become dictator of Russia and work with darkseid.  Lex's plan revealed in third act. lex explain to clark that if he kept his world in bottle away from us none of this madness and destruction he cause in first movie would happen and if he accept help from him and other people than everything would be different but now lex want to show kryptonian are not gods but aliens with faults. Superman doomed comic referred plot here.
    Simple, what Idiots wb have become.

  7. Thank you for making this video.

    These DC fans that have to accuse critics of being shills for liking Marvel's movies and disliking DC's movies make me feel embarrassed because I'm a DC fan but I'm also into Marvel, Dark Horse Comics, Vertigo, and IDW Publishing.

  8. I could sympathize with DC fans being overly-defensive pre-release considering that so many popular outlets (Devin Faraci, ScreenJunkies, etc.) had already decided that the DCEU is the Devil. I can even understand their frustrations with reviews that come across more as pejorative buzzwords strung together and just flat out cynicism rather than reasoned constructive criticism.

    But perpetuating this kind of behavior is where my sympathy ends. I was hyped as hell for this movie and ended up being very disappointed, yet I'm sure I'd be shouted down as a "Marvel shill" if I voiced my opinion in certain circles. It honestly makes me depressed to see this kind of behavior; it makes me want to just flat out quit the superhero fandom all together.

  9. I, personally, am a comic book fanboy, but I hated the dark knight trilogy, to be fair, that was likely due to people over hyping it, creating unrealistic expectations of it. I liked BvS, but just not enough to not point out plot holes, & things that made no sense, the same thing I would say about any movie… Too many people (including Warner Bros apparently) are expecting the DCECU to be the MCU, which is a huge mistake, as the old saying goes "just because there is one way to do something, doesn't mean that it's the only way…" Some of the actors who potray the heroes seem to think that as long as the people who like them as an actor hear about a movie, then the movie is definitely going to be a success, not even thinking about the fans of the source material… Basically, to use a tired metaphor, Marvel is like the iPhone, everyone seems to assume that everything that happens with them is pretty much perfect, while DC is viewed as Android, where everyone seems to assume that everything that they do was already done better before… Now, of course, this metaphor is completely interchangeable, but hopefully you'll get what I'm saying. There are a lot of great scenes in BvS, but they got overshadowed by the scenes that seemed like copies of scenes from other movies, & if you're going to copy a scene or an idea from another movie, wouldn't it be best to try to make sure it's better? I'm trying not to say anything that could be misconstrued as a spoiler, as not everyone has seen the movie, but I will give an example, look up "Nuclearman" from Superman IV, then, look up Doomsday from BvS & you may find out something interesting (or stupid, depending on your sensibilities…)…

  10. The people coming up with these conspiracy theories ARE fanboys. None of the people making these bold claims haven't even seen Captain America: Civil War yet so why are they so upset about critics liking it? It seems to me it's because they've already decided it's going to be worse than BvS without even haven seen it just because of that Marvel label slapped on it. The fact that they couldn't even wait until the movie released in theaters to launch their ass-hurt attacks against the positive reviews is all the proof you need. They're a bunch of man-children virgins who are just angry that the movie they fanboy over didn't review as well as it's biggest competitor.

    It happens in gaming too. If a Microsoft game gets mediocre reviews, all of the Xbots go and attack a Sony exclusive that has recently released or is coming out soon. If a Sony game does less than expected the same thing happens.

  11. BvS wasn't the worst thing ever but the build up and the hype for it really disappointed a lot of people when it finally was released. Batman, Superman and Wonder woman all in one movie and it doesn't get anybody other than fanboys to buy a second or third ticket? This movie with these heroes would be printing money if it were any good.

  12. Don't think of a elephant. I think that's what happen to fans going into see this movie. Since the critics trashed the movie, some fans were thinking of the criticism and effected their enjoyment of the movie when they otherwise would liked it. I went to the theater thinking I am about to see a horrible move, and as I watch I was waiting for the bad stuff, it never came. I was thoroughly entertain by this movie, more so than most Marvel movies. My nephew said he liked it, despite all the bad reviews. He said it in an apologetically way, like he is not smart enough to not enjoy this movie. It it was not for the criticism, this movie will be over a billion. Media bias knows this, if one repeat the same thing over and over again they learn to not like a movie where they normally will enjoy the movie.
    You know the critics are going to fall all over civil war. SMH. There is an agenda. We people who love this movie have to push back.
    The point, these critics were taking it to far.

  13. Oh by the why for all you BvS haters. The first 2 movies of the DCEU made more money than the first 2 movies of the MCU. Of course Marvel can do no wrong bias fanboys will come up with an excuse why. So for the haters, you can kick rocks.

  14. Yes, I didn't like this film. It had no heart. I didn't know who to root for. And only one chuckle. Movies should have balance. Deadpool is beating your ass this year. A film that was made with less money but had more heart than your child of a director only wished his movies had.

  15. the thing that pisses me off most about all of this is that these conspiracy theorists keep insisting that DC fans actually liked this movie. I'm a Hardcore DC fan who watch a LOT of Pop culture/nerd Culture commentary. I've followed the news surrounding Dawn of Justice since before the name of the movie was announced. These assholes have the gaul to tell me what the fans think. I'll tell you what the fans think. THEY DESPISE THIS MOVIE!!! If Warner Bros thinks the fans are going to go to the mat for them they got another thing coming.

  16. Well…this happened, you know I've been known to be…aggressive online so for once I'm gonna be honest and non biased, there is no conspiracy people have different tastes I loved the film they hated it big deal? Right I think it's because we know it has issues but we don't want to admit them, we don't hate the acting, we don't hate the direction we hate the editing and motivation done by good ol goyer who guess what original script had to be rewritten because it was too ridiculous to film which meant Zack and other writers had to do damage control its Goyers fault. Now to you….look your a nice dude I think, but I disagree with you, but you spoke from your heart which I respect and honor I hope we do not become enemies, because that'd be a shame to add more to my nemesis list next to movie Bob (for other reasons). I wish you the best, but people who likes the film defend it with the same passion as those who disslike it do to defame it in a way

  17. We're scared well have to reboot again and again and never touch the sky…Zack is one of my director heroes and he's respectful to his actors and crew Unlike most and fans of his like myself feel it's an attack on him because of what he said years ago and currently with his…mouth issue. I've lost so many friends over this film it's insane…you think our side is bad, both sides are bad and insane. I support the love of the film but now I say I respect your hatred of the film. Good day

  18. Clearly this movie's failure wasn't because it was a movie people didn't like, it's because everyone's predisposed towards a licensing company that competes with the company that licenses Batman and Superman.

  19. Biased fanboy criticizes biased fanboys? Didn't you defend a shitty Amazing Spider-Man movies, constantly pointing out that people don't like them only because they're used to old film, even though, that is not the case, simply because The Not So Amazing Spider-Man series was shit.

  20. It's funny how your talking shit to the cast and to WB like if its there fault zack synder who made that movie a director that the critics don't like messed up on editing the theatrical movie like if everyone can take a 4 hour long movie and make it in to a perfect 2 and a half hour movie it's impossible you dumbass I swear yah nigga's are so ungrateful WB finally is giving us the DC universe that we all have been waiting for and you would expect us to be rejoicing and being happy but wat do yah faggots do Bitch and complain it's to dark , it's not fun like marvel your ungrateful ass fuck nigga i can just tell your not a true DC fan a true DC fan would know that there is problems with the editing of the movie but overall you're grateful to see the DC universe on the big screen so I can tell you ain't a DC fan over here sucking marvel dick

  21. Jason Momoa's Conan the Barbarian reboot and Bullet in the Head are box office flops. And he goes around Hollywood thinking he's like an A-list actor who gets off running his big mouth. Sure he has GOT, but he's just a guest in few episodes.

  22. +NeoGamSpark, yes, people have a right to an opinion, but not all opinions are factual. You could easily lie about a assessment of a movie and hide behind "opinion". That doesn't change the fact that a lot of people went to see the film and enjoyed it. $868 million dollars worth of moviegoers is a lot of people an the majority of them liked the film (see http://www.cinemareview.com/main.asp?movieid=600742). Ray Fischer and Jason Mamoa are right in taking pot shots at critics since the kind of went overboard with their reviews. Furthermore, who the hell is Chris Stuckmann and how did he get to be a film critic. What news outlet did he work for in the past and what even puts the guy in the same class as a Richard Roper?


    This guy has had an active campaign for two or 3 years against BvS. He has created multiple accounts and posted on numerous websties preaching hate (and racism) about the film and there are others that share his opinion. Who knows what type of communications have been going on on sites like IMDb, Reddit, 4Chan, and the like and who knows if so called critics like Devin Faraci, Drew McWeeny, and the like were in on it. That can not be proven, but what can is that Studios have paid for fake reviews in the past (see Sony Pictures and David Manning in 2001: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/sony-pays-for-fake-reviews/ – the only reason why they got caught was because a news outlet complained that the critic didn't work for them). This is more than just an argument over opinion or conspiracy theories. With the advent of the internet and a review aggregate site like RottenTomatoes, groups of critics have now think they can become king makers and mold and shape the playing field that is the motion picture industry (they have come down on "Alice Through the Looking Glass" now). It needs to be mentioned that there is such a thing as responsibility in media and Social Responsibility Theory states that the media (of which these so called film critics are a part of), though free to speak their minds (or opinions) must also realize that they too can be subject to public criticism and/or self regulation (see http://communicationtheory.org/social-responsibility-theory/) – the latter part being more so now than ever before.

  23. bvs why is lex jr the joker i think he could be better then Jared leto idk oh he was lex jr ok
    i have more like wonder women but every body already know the plot holes in bvs now in civil war 2 plot hole is how did tony know who peter was and how was zemo able to get in the room with bucky let me know if i missed something as to why any thing was the way it was

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