New York Times Is Attacking Me – Calling Me “Fake News”

The New York Times just attacked me in an article saying I’m a “Fake News, Hyperpartisan Conspiracy Theorist,” as the war on alternative (real) media …




  1. But don't you talk about aliens being amongst us, and illuminati and shit? Some of your vids are cool, the zombie vids, but you loose me with the kooky shit. Spend a week in nature (I ain't no fucking hippy) now and then dude! Living only in loopy internet world, rubs off, obviously.

  2. No need to make a video about the fucking NYTimes. Everybody knows they're fake news! Why give them ANY of your time, Mark? Ever heard of answering the fucking stupid with silence? Yea…

  3. Mark even if its fake news its still better than the bullshit news the mainstream media portraits. Thanks for the superior entertainment and intellect.

  4. did you ever wonder if the media is trying to discredit you so people won't believe your starbucks video. which is why they confronted you about buying the video. not to mention you would have to take it down. i love what you do. i hope you never become a part of the clinton death list.

  5. The FAKE news won't stop doing this to you. They think you will stop calling out the idiots on the boardwalk, and believe you'll stop proving how literally BRAIN DEAD they are, apparently. Please don't stop, I love it…AND to think I wanted to move to that shithole when I was a teenager! Thank God I stayed here in Colorado, BUT they all moved HERE instead! They made my state blue, fn morons! I am a native and NO, I don't smoke pot. NOT everyone does! But I DO get a kick when I see 85 year old ladies smiling as they walk out of the cannabis store holding their little bags tightly, and they are SMILING Big League! Its fun here!!! Everyone is HAPPY!

  6. You are. You're a bias reporter who drops ad hominems. You and goof balls like you are the reason people cannot take alternative media serious. You Mark, have an agenda. and Reporters. REAL REPORTERS, DO NOT.

  7. For once the new york times is correct you are fake news, a great controlled opposition agent, your handlers are proud of you, keep it up. Fuck knows how you have so many subs.

  8. I don't know… when you ask 500 people easy questions, but then edit the 20 dumb ones and then go to show how liberals are retards, I think that's pretty fakey. I mean, we don't like liberals, but no need to be deceitful about your information sharing.

  9. I haven't watch MSM media channels on tv or YouTube, twitter or fb since the election, i mean since the day TRUMP WON (MAGA). Few months leading up to TRUMP day (which should be national holiday and you heard it here first) i only Watched MSM at a bare minimum and that was only so I can see with my own eyes just how biased they were which now we are way past the point of them being biased. They are straight up liars and fake as hell. The best part of all this is they are all still rolling with it, they got the pedal to the metal now and they have no brakes left so when it's time to slow down only option for them is to crash and burn and it's coming for all MSM media outlets, channels, anchors, Host, so called reporters (who are fake as shit) camera men. All involved will see karma biting that ass and no one is gonna feel sorry for y'all. God bless America, god bless President Trump, god bless my fellow American people who stood up and made our voice be heard as loud as it was!!

  10. The NYT calling others "Fake News" ? HA , that's rich ! NYT is as fake and full of shit as news comes. What will the seafood market wrap fish in ?, what will the homeless wipe their asses with ? when the NYT is belly up ? !!!1

  11. The majority of the sane American people who voted Trump know the msm has no credibility,has sunk so low,continuously lies and should be labeled a terrorist organization as they support terrorist linked organizations. They need to be taken down and removed from the airwaves and prosecuted for biased interfering in the 2016 election.

  12. nice one mark! don't need to say " keep it up!" cos me knows you will. is it just me or is anyone else having fkn difficulties watching or should me say " trying to watch" your and other "real news" YouTube channels ???

  13. nice one mark! don't need to say " keep it up!" cos me knows you will. is it just me or is anyone else having fkn difficulties watching or should me say " trying to watch" your and other "real news" YouTube channels ???

  14. I stopped reading that ten years ago when I realized that we live in a Matrix that controls almost info. I thank God for real Men like you that brings light to the truth. Besides Infowars and now You I have faith I get the truth. Thank You

  15. 1:30 gets called out for being a dumb ass conspiracy theorist….. "no my conspiracy theory is common knowledge"

    I'm adding mark dice to the fake news wiki

  16. "Don't copy my video, or get removed and banned. Boohoo."

    Writes (the jist of a part in the description) the man using fair use of others' copyrighted material…

  17. haha that's some funny shit. the mainstream media is so ridiculous and they're failing i love it. keep up the good work Mark

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