New World Order Faceless – Government Conspiracy

This video speaks for itself. You have now been warned. Seek and Ye Shall Find *This is a continuation of the first one The man speaking about the conspiracies …




  1. A Great new video! Great to see you still speading the truth HeilGermany. 5 Satrs and going into Favourites, These videos are all So Imformative and true.

  2. good message and true. ready to stand up to the self evident agenda which has been placed upon us like a wild unicorn chained by the neck. tamed by the lion and owned.

  3. whoever is commenting the go for nwo really needs to shut up, or better yet put yourself out your misery…safe me the trouble. because if you said that to me face to face…well you know the rest.

    so the people in office are religious but it is an evil one. judaism…crazy as it sounds. i'm not with satan or any god, but i will be an ally to the christians. i chose to be agnostic and if it becomes my penance…so be it.

  4. NWO =
    0)Neocon War Objective
    1)New World Order
    2)Now We're Overlords
    3)Next We oppress
    4)Non-conformers We Obliterate
    5)Nobody Will Object
    6)New World Omega

  5. you think you know what the world holds for you beacuse you are apart of the government i tell u to look at the 1st rule and the georgia guide stones

  6. im kinda confused about this…in revelations god sead that the anti christ will reveal itself in a godly light isnt that how america is acting right now? using christianity? alot of people are afraid that christians will be excecuted..but i think its the other way around somehow..i think were gonna start exicuting non christians..
    were already going into non christian countrys and forcing them to worship christianity..im kinda havin a hard time wondering who the good guys really are?

  7. As Jesus started on his way, a man ran up to him and fell on his knees before him. "Good teacher," he asked, "what must I do to inherit eternal life?"

    "Why do you call me good?" Jesus answered.

    "No one is good-except God alone."

  8. "Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
    Then he is not omnipotent.
    Is he able, but not willing?
    Then he is malevolent.
    Is he both able and willing?
    Then whence cometh evil?
    Is he neither able nor willing?
    Then why call him God?"
    – Epicurus

  9. The Antichrist is both literal and a symbolic being. The number 666 wont be a literal number that we see. The number 666 is symbolic as the seal of satan. The seal of God and the Seal of satan will be determined by worship. the Sabbath. People plz study i can help all of you study Revelation!!! I have the truth and you all need to know! You must all be saved! It is my duty!! Let me help you all!!!

  10. For the Dragon will rule the Earth! People the Great Controversy as come!! It is here! The Dragon (Satan), Sea Beast (Catholic Church) and Land Beast (United States of America) are working together as we speak! We must stand up as one Voice as one people and as one belief, We will not let them do this without a fight! We will not let them take our country away without a fight! We must all work together in an effort to save everyone and tell everyone the truth! People turn from your evil ways!!!

  11. the part about the new world order that part really means that we found a new world ( america) that we were going to control and the unfinished pyramid represents how we were nowhere near finished exploring the united states when we made the dollar bill… i think i could be wrong though

  12. I'm not worried, according to bible, there wont be no fukin order…fire from the sun 🙂 burns everything…….but further more, god says, and I shall be there with you until the end of time? maybe the end of time is coming? so maybe all minds unite, energy turns to dust and we start from the big bang 😀

  13. I hope the New World Order is better than the old one. That one sucked biggies.

    KillZion: National Socialists are a bunch of twats. Imagine banging on about the master race then following some mousy haired midget div with one testicle.

  14. Exactly the reason why we have all the wars, to destroy the Old World to bring about the New World. In all honesty I like the best of both worlds. I just wish the New World would of took a different path then the one that it is headed on now. Maybe someday everyone will realize the truth and cut free from the strings of these puppet masters and put things on a better path.

  15. subed. Welcome to the underground. Love Prof/past Scott of the fam. Owen BDS CAS (BUG) Global infopowerment project. intel hub Radio Show Mon 5:00 to 7:00 pm. west coast time. earthquake, volcanoes, flooding, post glacial rebound effect.
    G20, ICCP UN NATO WHO CERN world laws the hub of NWO is in Geneva.Switzerland keep up your great work

  16. and I see you as THE OLD WORLD order of ,hate ,pain and having the old west south in give it up the civil war is over so is your OLD HATE!,we need another war to get the like of you in the military and see what it is to be a soldier and not just a internet warrior only!

  17. like I said BULSHITBULLSHITBULLSHIT like this VID old hate OLDTIMES!!! civilwar is over move on with your life be happy good happy good HAPPYGOODHAPPYGOODHAPPY GOOD believe in god DONT PREECH IT!

  18. Join this army instead of doing nothing, and stop the NWO (look up Angel's Army on Facebook Pages – Community {can't post the link here})

  19. I just find it weird how it's always the christians who know the truth. How EVERY other nation is wrong. Also how the star of David is associated with the Illuminati or "New world order" and the jewish religion. Wait, what do you know? Christianity is based on Jesus. A Jew.

  20. the fact is that there is an elite nwo,and yeh there playing god,but they can never become god,there plans to clear out the scum aint so bad,and create a 1 world government,i think there plans are awesome and well thought out,everything they have planned is going exactly how it should,including patronising the dumb and dumber,which i admire,the planning is superb,but i dont agree with there selection process i as aint included ha ha

  21. @KillZion Yours is the best example of the philosophy of the "New World Order"! The concept of slaughter seems to be high on your agenda. You certainly do not represent true National Socialism but Hollywood Nazi yes!

  22. You're such an idiot you believe that jews are behind all of this thats very stupid you cannot judge them like that they are the people of God not Satan. Our Lord Jesus Christ will redeem and save them

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