NEW Mandela Effects You’ve Never Heard Of w/ PROOF (Conspiracy Theory)

NEW MANDELA EFFECT PROOF. the Mandela Effect is back. in today’s video we talk about new mandela effects & proof as this conspiracy theory rises once again. Subscribe to my channel!: http://bit.l…




  1. The hitler thing isn’t a Mandela effect . It just doesn’t make sense . He was actually doing testing on some of the Jews to change brown eyes to blue, so he could have blue eyes. Never worked . But yeah this one definitely isn’t a mendela and the Tarzan one he says that in the Tarzan with real people, not the cartoon movie . I believe these things but these ones can be explained and think def drew the Disney symbol in the beginning of some movies .

  2. Hitler is supposed to have brown eyes he was never supposed to have blue eyes that is the true mandela effect right there the blue eyes are all wrong.

  3. Not sure what reality you are in, but in this one, the one in which I reside, (and the one in which I watched your "over the top" super cool kid behavior) there still is a Romeo and Juliet balcony scene.

  4. You fucked up with the hitler thing, that is not mandela effect at all, pay attention in school instead of sucking dick and you might just learn something

  5. Bruce Lee made a move where he 'faked' his death by making a movie where he 'fakes' his death by being shot to death on a movie set. This is where the confusion is because Brandon actually was shot in the same fashion. I am not saying I don't believe in the Mandela effect because I do. I think this is the case where reality is confused with the movie and what really happen to Brandon.

  6. Im into the mandela effect. I'm also into you trying suicide. Really, contemplate killing yourself sometime soon. It would be a great learning experience for you

  7. Are you fucking kidding me, my sister just got a tattoo saying "we're all mad here" because she loves alice in the wonderland..

  8. just to clarify – about the mike tyson incident. there is video footage of the aftermath of the ear bite incident. but many people vividly remember seeing him as he bit it, and that he bit it off completely. however, now it's just a tear in the ear and it doesn't show everything. just the aftermath. i should have mentioned this. sorry guys.

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