Myths Which Turned Out To Be True

Myths are part of the society in which we live. Often they are so exaggerated, shocking and weird that they seem too good to be true. But what if an age old rumor actually turns out to be true…




  1. factpoint in this video i much prefered the quieter and more calm music than in the last. the facts are very interesting, however the robotic voice got annoying.

  2. That's really interesting. The first fact is about my country and I still some things I didn't know about the lake. I loved it. Just keep up the work guys.

  3. you should use your own voice so that the channel has a personality and not just a robot voice. you can attract more subs that way. regardless your mic

  4. This channel has a lot of potential . If you could have a better narrator voice and fix some of the English grammatical errors then it would be amazing . I'm looking forward to more videos from you @fact point

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