Mysterious Conspiracy Theories Finally DEBUNKED!

Check out these mysterious conspiracy theories finally debunked! From ufo to alien conspiracies, this top 10 list of famous and bizarre conspiracy theories is …




  1. solway spaceman is based on lies. the father who took the picture claimed he and his daughter were the ONLY 2 people there. then the next picture shows his wife and daughter, proving his wife was also there and he is a liar.
    Roswell, The different version I heard was flying disc craft based on captured Nazi designs, and the crew were recruited from circus sideshows, not manufactured by a nazi. To attempt to panic the USA like they heard "War of the Worlds" had caused panic.

  2. Love watching your videos, and your SSP video was probably one of the best you've done, but Seriously Disappointed in this one.

    This is not your style…sounds like your reading off of Snopes πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

    Do your research better regarding numbers Ten, Six, and Four…especially number Six

  3. Surely human trafficking aka pedophile ring is not a thing. Look up what type of art do the podesta display in their home. Clearly no gvment or famous people are pedophile. The speaker of the house got a deal ( 1 year/ at least 12 vicbefore all victims were met ) Saying that pizzagate had no reality based facts is clearly dishonest… Those right wingers have been blame for so much. Yet before 2015, they were invisible… No strawmaning goin on…

  4. When it comes to comets and asteroids the scientists aren't as good as we would like them to be. Meteors coming from the direction of the sun are not likely to be seen until they either hit us , like Russia, or go bye us. This is one worth while area to spend our taxes on as opposed to subsidizing solar power or giving Israel money.. Survival of the species is pretty important, isn't it? Speaking of the survival of the species, we should be preparing for an ice age.

  5. Man i havnt heard about that gay ass alien autopsy video in over 10 yrs..lol "Be careful what you read on the internet" no fucking shit thanks mom. And i dont see why you did that Mayan calendar which i may have heard once or twice in passing butwhen the ENTIRE UNITED STATES was on that Y2k bullshit it was aweful and this was pre social media Fuck it would have been 500xs worse if idiots would of had Fb & twitter.

  6. You disingenuous clowns on the left invented the terminology "debunked" utilized by Hilarious Rotten Clinton as she unequivocally proves she's a habitual lier & the one half of the swamp creature pedophile duo Johnny Podesta yeah we love all you commentating whacked out libzombie clowns perpetrating this BS, Shhhh hey guys listen to this… click there goes our subscriptions to this site, you all have a nice day now ya hear.

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