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  1. my sister was so freaked out after watching the coralline movie because he had a tiny door in her bedroom and she was afraid that corallines AU ( alternate universe ) mom would come out and steal her eyes

  2. witches aren't bad, if they stem from wican religion into chaos witches, then black magic will be used and is bad but if they are the 'stereotypical' witch and believe in the tree of life and preserving nature and gods creation of the world, then they will do absolutely no harm! that's the last thing they'd want to do

  3. Coraline holding the triangle up to her eye I think is supposed to be mirroring planchettes from Ouija boards, the plastic thing you put your fingers on, when you pick it up and look through the middle hole it's a way to physically see the spirits if they so wish you to see them!

  4. If you like Coraline you should check The Theorizer's videos on the movie. He creates a timeline and names some interesting details that appear in the movie.
    Btw, great video! I'm subscribing 🙂

  5. Love the Hunger Games theories! Omg! That Black Swan theory is so believable and scary I'm never gonna be able to watch the movie the same again! But it makes certain sense! It would explain Nina developing her mental illness deeper if it started from trauma from her mom, then the pressure from ballet pushed her to her breaking point!

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