Most Popular NBA Conspiracy Theories

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  1. 2006 nba finals was rigged? really? I guess when ever a team makes a comeback its rigged then. Dwyane Wade Drew alot of fouls so Must be rigged. Or maybe Dwyane Wade was just good at drawing fouls!!

  2. The NBA should have more than 2 super team. LeBron James (where ever he goes it is a super team) and the Warriors with the addition of KD. There's something wrong with that to me.

  3. They didn't punish Kobe as much cause they knew he didn't rape a woman. He had an affair but the woman was lying about being raped which is why he wasn't found guilty. Look up the whole case, lack of evidence and the multiple times the woman changed her stories. She had sex with him, realized no one would believe her, knew she wasn't going to be his rich side chick and when Kobe didn't call her the next day she decided to try to make some money off him. It's a disgrace to Kobe and ACTUAL rape victims.

  4. Just take a look at the last 2 seasons (this and the previous one). It is all about the GSW and the Cavs and it all started when the Warriors defeated the Cavs in the 2014-15 finals. Its all about the profit. So now u have GSW and the Cavs who are tied in 2 straight Finals, so it would be kind of disappointing to leave it at that. It would lead to huge profit loses, since everyone wants a third Final between these teams so we could finally know who is better. It's basically a super final series between the Warriors and the Cavaliers…

    Even I am excited for the finals even though I know what is happening, kind of… After noticing all of this I think I can predict the future for the next season xD I can guarantee that there wont be a GSW-Cavs finals next year. Maybe even ever again.

  5. If anyone still believes the draft lottery isn't rigged they're delusional. Just look at this year's lottery. Celtics and Lakers getting the top two picks c'mon.

  6. So you made this video basically to say 2 white boys should have won a ring (Steve Nash and Jason Williams) . White people feel they should win in all events Smdh

  7. David Stern should've at least apologized to the Kings and the fact that he didn't makes me feel like he knew he had a dirty ref he just didn't care because then it would've opened the floodgates.

  8. the nba is a media production. you guys will sleep better when you realize your watching the general hospital show in the basketball version. it's for entertainment and ratings. of course they have a plot and a story line. your watching a reality basketball show with live people with people making good and bad calls. jesus. of course it's rigged and everything else. it has to be for tv ratings. Holy shit people wake up

  9. Lakers are awful now? Pffft Id like Kobe, Magic, Kareem, Shaq, West, Baylor, Pau, Artest, Odom, Fisher, Goodrich and all of the Great Lakers watch this and get yo stupid ass.

  10. this video just said the f ing truth everything was on the money and i just love hearing in denial comments from lakers fans lmao!

  11. Lol everyone thinks there is a conspiracy to everything.. especially if your team loses.. well if lebron was the golden boy now why has he lost 5 finals? If it was rigged he would win all or most of them. refs suck honestly. I think they should be fined for making bad calls, then you would see better game results.

  12. the nba will never let anyone surpass or tie jordans 6 rings because he's the face of basketball they definitely won't let you touch bill russels record

  13. The lottery is not rigged at all the only real kind of suspicious thing is that video of the frozen envelope. This video is not very good at all. They did cheat for the Heat though lmao

  14. None bigger with more $ on the line for the NBA and most blatant no.1 2002 WCF ! and of course no.2 that wtf Miami-Dallas finals. If you don't believe then you the dummy sipping the Kool aid all day!

  15. Draft lottery is rigged. How are the lakers going to get the 2 pick with just a 1.7 percent of getting it ? Needless to say lonzo ball was the no 2 overall pick and the laters got it ?

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