Most Insane Conspiracy Theories That May Actually Be True

Link To Article: https://goo.gl/7axprF In this episode I looked at some of the most popular conspiracy theories that Americans believe. For Video Submissions …




  1. About that Utah thing. I think it's true. We had a cop talk to us about Social Media and he said that there was a computer or something in Utah that tracks everything that you do on ur phone. When he told us this, I fuckn freaked out!!!???

  2. My uncle went to high school with Obama. They played basketball together. They called him Barry.

    They loved cutting off his limbs and watching them grow back.

  3. I live in California. That's bullshit. We just have bipolar af whether, trust me, it's been like this since before machinery was invented BOI.

  4. I thought the Avril Lavigne is dead consipiracy would be here XD Still, the first one with Taylor Swift is creepy as hell, I mean I don't believe it but, why do they have to be so alike????

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