1. Holy shit I'm so angry at the comments when they say
    There's no stars because it's day
    BITCH it's NEVER day outer space it's day because we are facing the sun and the Earth is consistently spinning

  2. You can literally debunk every single piece of "evidence" he gives with just basic knowledge, like Shane, I understand that this is just made for entertainment purposes, but c'mon – Don't pretend like you believe it, it's ridiculous.

  3. not here to hate butttttt evr heard of light poloution it's where things further away seem dim the light from the sun was drowning out the light from other stars

  4. Also, why is nobody talking about the fact that this was LIVE on TV in the freaking 60's… seriously?! Even in 2017 they can't pull off a simple live stream between city's on the news, I mean come on…

  5. uh the reason why there are no starts is because you know how it's dark where the moon is so they placed lights from power chains or something and you know like in cities you can't see stars because of all the lights that's what happened there the lights reflected the stars

  6. The only reason that the flag was looking like it was waving because it had wires made like it was waving ,because if it wasn't you it would be able to tell it was American flag cuz it would sag.

  7. I had an ad before this about sour cream and it was singing a song and then Shane's scary music came on and I wasn't really paying attention and it scared the shit out of me??

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