MLP Conspiracies – Ep. 7 Cloudsdale's Classified Ambition

How to make rainbows: Step 1- IMAGINAAaation So I figured that the two-parter format I used with Episode 3 didn’t work so well. So I just kinda cut out some …




  1. Theory:
    Maybe rainbow dash was the secret founder of clouds dale but is hiding it, rainbow dash is the fastest in clouds dale so far, so what would happen if tawog and mlp are in alternate universes and the rainbow factory from gumball is the same in mlp but different and not filled with misery. And when rainbow dash has a filly, what happens next? Does the filly become faster then the flash and rainbow dash combined? Who knows..?

  2. Here’s what I think:
    Flutter shy isn’t a robot, and Rainbow isn’t a complete one

    Now before you attack me, I’ll say why.

    Most robots are high functioning, and are programmed with what best suits the leader. In this case, the leader wants a good kingdom, hidden, in the sky. So, what would his army be? Pegasi. They can fly, and know the ins and outs of the business. They can even be programmed not to tell anything about it, which may state why SOME flying ponies don’t say much of Cloudsdale. However, now I would like to say why I don’t think Fluttershy and Rainbow are COMPLETE robotic.

    Let’s start with Flutteryshy. She lived in Cloudsdale for her childhood years. She was constantly bullied by other ponies. Maybe the reason is that since she was so shy, and not really a robotic creature, they could bully her into not telling anyone about Cloudsdale. When she went down to Equestria, she saw all the life forms, and knew she didn’t have to hide anything anymore. She even talks to them too, which could be why she is more shy around ponies. It’s also very hard to gain her trust if you’re not an animal. One thing that sets her out is that also, SHE HAS FEELINGS.
    To be honest, if Cloudsdale was making technology, I don’t think their robots would be so advanced as to literately have feelings. Unless, Fluttershy is part robot. Like, some of her limbs could be robotic for example. And another fact, why would they make a robot so weak? As you can see, Fluttershy RARLEY uses her wings, because of how weak they are. She’s more attached to earth, and maybe the reason she got the element of kindness is because she was one of the only kind ponies in Cloudsdale, and wasn’t consumed by whatever they were making.

    Now Rainbow. As we can see, Rainbow talks about Cloudsdale often (not a lot, but more than Fluttershy does) and brings it up. The reason why she’s so loyal to them? I think she’s either a robot, mind controlled by magic, or she’s part of Cloudsdales plan. If she were a robot, she could simply be told what to do, but then again, she has feelings, ones that seem very abstract to her personality. Mind control is my next guess. I’m sure there’s more than one spell for mind control. If you had a hold of Rainbow, you could get her into the spell, like how they changed her back after the discord thing. Or, she could be part of the Cloudsdale plan. Why would she be so loyal? She has the element of loyalty for a reason now doesn’t she? Well, the one is different from the others. Hers is a thunder bolt. Thunder often is associated with bad things, like causing ruin. And, if this theory is true, this may be why she doesn’t have such a connection with Fluttershy. But, again, she could be causing ruin among Equestria. Now, who does Rainbow have a good connection with? Or seems to have? Yep, Twilight. Twilight is the so called leader of the main 6. Just think, if Rainbow got control over Twi, she could even go as far as to control Celestia! As you also know, Twilight is one of Celestia’s favorite ponies. By taking her over, she could manipulate Celestia, and maybe even the kingdom with Cloudsdale’s help. But.. here’s one last thing.

    She could even be a clone.
    Anyone who comes from Cloudsdale could be. When the images of the clones were shown, it came to me. The weather factory could be making clones by taking something that each pony associated with in Cloudsdale. Clouds, and rainbows. By using these, they could have a whole army ready to strike at any time.

    The last thing is that some ponies could be AI, or even fake ponies to be someone. Like take a family for instance, Rainbow’s family could just be AI. Like how they cheered for her, it’s how a family acts. The only way I think that Cloudsdale could ever get this info, is by taking some Earth ponies with them. Or, examine them from above. Maybe this is why they are in the sky? If you examine them from above, they don’t even know you’re there! You can see what they do, what they eat, how they interact, etc.

    I’ll do one more paragraph cause why not what if Daring Do, was another form of Rainbow or vise versa? Think about it, they have similar personalities. They both love adventure, they also are Pegasi too. Now the things in the books (Daring Do books) could be reality. Like Daring Do for an example. So, if Cloudsdale was written about and they have some plans stored away, they could be reality too.

    But that’s it for now

  3. rainbow dashs parents and fluttershys brother, and parents? (i cant quite remember) have been shown but scootaloo hasnt had anything about her parents (i heard she had been seen in a house and was confermed to have one but im not sure) but this theory is fricking amazing

  4. What about princess Cadence she was a Pegasus when she got a horn and she can use it perfectly. Is that part of her a robot? And I assume that she was “made” in clouds dale. So if she’s a “robot” then how did she get a horn that works perfectly? And she has a baby! Pls do a part two

  5. umm they've shown scootaloo's, rainbow's and flutter shy's families now sooooo….
    I feel like all the theories you make have the biggest holes and there is no way the show has that much meaning, it's literally made to entertain toddlers!

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