MLP Conspiracies – Ep. 13 WHO is the Pony of Shadows?

You think you know who the Pony of Shadows is? HA. I LAUGH in your face. Because you’re wrong. 0/10. Support me on Patreon!




  1. I support this theory because Sombra is known for having glowing eyes. If they can glow why cant they change color thus he has yellow eyes for that shot.

  2. The pony of shadows is actually a pony who later appears in season 8. When he appears he is introduced as “The Pony of Shadows” representing a evil version of the envious young pony. So, main picture, The pony of shadows, a name, just like Nightmare Moon’s, is a evil villain, created by an envious pony, just like, Luna. Nope I’m not saying that Luna is the pony of shadows, but someone related, with the same envious problem with them. What the big picture is, Who created the pony of shadows? Not envy, but something else. Yes I agree with this theory very much, but I wanna hear what yall think about it. If I get just 3, I will tell the true story.

  3. I think that the Pony of Shadows might not be Sombra but instead, one of his kind. Maybe Sombra is from a new race of ponies, shadow ponies, that can become shadows and change shape similar to changelings but only in their shadow form. Perhaps Sombra was banished from his original home and hence lost his ability to change into shadows. He then sought out a new home- the crystal empire. It needed a ruler after whoever Princess Amore is, not Cadence, who is Princess Amore Cadenza, but the true Princess Amore. Or, Sombra defeated her and then cast a spell on the crystal ponies, which is why no pony can remember her but Celestia and Luna. Perhaps this pony of shadows was not banished but sent on a quest, where he/she ended up trapped inside the castle. Since they couldn't do anything, they were driven insane and are now silently stalking any creature who enters the Castle of the 2 Sisters.

    BUM BUM BUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Celestia did say that sombra was turned to shadows but who's to say that before they had the elements of Harmony the two sisters didn't turn all problems to Shadow. No I think Shadow ponies are just ghost banished by Celestia and Luna before they obtained the elements of harmony. So this could be sombra or just another past villain.

  5. Theory:
    Sombra and chrysalis were friends with luna in the past, celestia didn’t approve of this, so she stopped it with lies. And sombra and chrysalis saw the rumors about each other and hated each other again, but chrysalis made a changeling possess luna and made her nightmare moon, now nightmare moon and sun breaker are apart of luna and celestia and celestia some how knew that chrysalis might have been the crystal queen and twilight was told not to say ANYTHING about it.

  6. There is a race of shadow pony's and sombra belongs to that race. The race was born from crystals almost 1000 years before equestria dissapered.. Sombra is the king of shadows leterly

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