MLP Conspiracies – Ep.1 The Pinkie Predicament

Pinkie’s got a secret that she isn’t telling anybody, what is it? Note: Make sure your left headphone/speaker is working, for some reason my mic only records on the left side Support me on…




  1. I imagine Pinkie doesn't reform herself in where and back again because she has grown to like her new powers, but imagine if she did! I have a fanfic about this topic now, but its in a journal, not digital, so sorry, and as for teleporting? WELL, CHANGELINGS HAVE HORNS, DON'T DAY?

  2. If this is true then the second love is given to her without her having to take it she would have changed to the diffrent kind of changing, the colorful happy kind and that wouldn't go unnoticed by her family. Along with this she would need a pony to change into meaning a pinkie pie already existed. And i don't belive a family is willing to do something like that.

  3. But changlings can only turn into loved ones, doesn't that mean that the others would realise if something was wrong when pinkie said she had never seen a rainboom before.

  4. So why is she so light, durable, fast, strong, and flexible, and why does she have such unnatural abilities, why does she know so much stuff, what’s with her memory, what’s with her heart rate, and if she’s a changeling, why wouldn’t the mirror pool copy changelings???????? AND HOW DOES SHE PLAY INSTRUMENTS WITH NO MOUTH!!?!?!???!?

    I have an answer. What if she was the creator of the whole show and everything in it. That would explain how she can do all of this. And explain how she can break the fourth wall all the time. How she doesn’t even have to breathe. How she can make the storyline do things in her way. How she is so strong and fast. How no one questions it or her and act like it is completely normal. Have you ever noticed that the odds often say that they would lose but they end up winning greatly? If she’s the creator, she would know about everything that happened in he human world that twilight goes to. Even if you don’t believe me, do you have anything to deny it?

    …or maybe she’s just Pinkie

  5. In the first equestria girls movie before human twilight was about to tell her friends that she was from another world human pinkie told them everything about twilight and at the end of the movie she knew about what happened with twilight and flash sentry at the dance. Doesn't that make you suspicious?

  6. I would have never thought of that what if she is. OH NO SHE'S MY BFF'S FAVORITE ON THE SHOW. HER FAVORITE IS PROBABLY A CHANGELING

  7. I came to the same conclusion but in a different way… so… does anyone know that scene where Pinkie gives the storm guard a present and then she somehow appears in it? some people might say 'oh that's just Pinkie being pinkie' yes but… no pony can teleport into a space that small… not even a unicorn. I even played back the scene to see if she just jumped through the present and… nothing! Does anyone else think that Pinkie was a changling from that? and more off, she is really fucking sensitive and gets upset easily when her friends yell at her… maybe she's scared that she might starv because she's losing her friends?

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