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  1. A good drinking game while watching your videos would be taking a shot every time one of your adorable pets moves around behind you ????

  2. al the people are on mk ultra via television,mind control just kick it outside trust me you wil see things differently after you dont watch it anymore you see there lies you hear there lies

  3. You should look into John Zubeck. He was a psychologist doing sensory deprivation testing for the CIA at the University of Manitoaba (my university) and he mysteriously died by suicide in the river by my school. There are a lot of conspiracies as to what happened to him….

  4. The CIA Assistant Director who oversaw the illegal MKULTRA Program, George Bush, later became the President to whom MKULTRA victims were demanding investigations of the CIA/ MKULTRA crimes. President Bush, being the primary lawbreaker in regards to MKULTRA related crimes prior to his Presidency, should have recused himself and should have requested the Department of Justice to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate criminal acts performed by the CIA and its agents, but he didn't!

    Helms, Bush and unidentified CIA agents not only violated their oaths of office, they violated Federal Statutes which forbid the CIA from operating on American soil.

    The CIA has sole legal (Statutory) authority to conduct CIA business outside of the United States and no legal authority to conduct CIA business within the United States.

    Because of their direct participations in illegal MKULTRA actions, Helms, Bush and those unidentified CIA agents are traitors and should be treated as such, for they did not honor their oaths of office to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States (and therefore its People) from all enemies, both foreign AND DOMESTIC.

  5. The reporter woman, I think, but I DEFINITELY had stroke symptoms. My mom had a stroke a few years back, and I have a disorder that sometimes causes small seizures, so both look all too familiar to me. I am fascinated by conspiracy theories, though I don't buy celebrity clones or any of that stuff. But I DO believe MK Ultra MIGHT still be going on at some level. That's just so sad to imagine, though.

  6. hello! I am doing a project on the MK Ultra conspiracy, and was wondering if anyone would be able to "debate" with me on the subject. I have to be able to cite actual conversations/debates in the real world. If anyone is willing to help me out, please comment back to me! Thanks!!

  7. conspiracy: youtube can read my mind (joking)
    I was going to search for a video on MK Ultra BUT THIS VIDEO WAS ON MY AUTO PLAY

  8. Stranger Things featured the Michelob Ultra Light version of MKULTRA. It was the Disney Version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame compared to the cautionary tale version where Quasimodo raped Esmerelda's dead corpse. MKULTRA was pure evil: some subjects' lives comprised of 22/7 doses of barbiturates and 2 hours of amphetamines (daily) to break their psyche and reduce their mind to gelatin: whether this was a side effect or a purpose is irrelevant, it was an atrocity! Your metaphor is a great injustice to those victims. I appreciate your message, but there are still people today trying to meander through the fallout of MKU! Do not marginalize the people that have seen true terror: the same words that some would use to summarize certain politician's speech. It isn't even a comparison! I am far from an SJW, but the victims of MKU were truly the victims of what SJW's claim to defend: marginalized, helpless, profiled victims that in some cases had their minds erased. These people are not a pale of slugs getting upset about being called by the wrong pronoun.

  9. Let me just say this: my brother was in the Navy and was pretty highly "ranked". He started seeing some MK ultra shit going on close to the time when he was getting ready to get out of the Navy. They did a mental evaluation on him and asked him if he trusts the government and he said HELL NO! I work for you guys. I see all this fucked up shit going on. He started giving examples and he said that after that evaluation his security clearances were taken away a while before he was to get out. They completely blocked him from access to stuff he used to have free reign of. He's told us a few examples of "natural" disasters that have happened that weren't really natural and we're meant to distract. This shit is really people. I've watched videos of ex-military personnel talking about this stuff

  10. the beyonce thing is def not a brain wash thing becuase my mom also does that. she has, acorrding to her doctor, small stroke. nothing super harmfull to her but as far as we know it could be due to high stress and past violent abussive relationships. she didnt start to have them until about 10 years ago after her mother past. her doctor still isnt 100% about it but im fairly certain that its more normal than we think

  11. I'm an EMT that spent ten years working nights dowtown Seattle at Harborview Hospital and IDK what all I saw but I saw so much…What the reporter experienced IS called a TIA, transient ischemic attack, it's a "mini" stroke….very serious and scary condition and I'm glad that you brought it up because people should be able to know and identify when they see someone speaking in tongues all garbled like that? And they aren't at church? LOL! THEY AREN'T HIGH, THEY AREN'T FUCK UP, THEY AREN'T RETARDED, THEY AREN'T HAVING A SEIZURE, THEY AREN'T TRYING TO BE RUDE AND CONFUSE YOU, CALL 911. 🙂 With Strokes, time is crucial!!! Tia's usually pass and are fleeting. I experienced one, it was…eye opening…I knew what I wanted to say but cognitively the words came out garbled jargon confused.

    Really curious, Dr. Copa was probably all over MK Ultra. … Do you have names? I knew I didn't like him for a reason. I could sense it. Something mean and mean and angry in him. …

  12. The reporter in Cali was having a stroke. We used that video of her in training to show things we should watch for in the case of a stroke.

  13. I think Beyonce was just mad at Jay-Z. Beyonce is looking like she is mad but refuses to talk to him cause it's fault. That's the face and movement some women make before they are about to explode.

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