1. I cannot sstttaaannndddd conspiracy theorists, "Truthers", David Ike followers etc, they are absolute idiots, who need something to make their lives more interesting so find dubious, weak links and details to "prove" some stupid idea- therefore I love this sketch lol

  2. Maddie McCann case, Jimmy Saville and his high level connections in the establishment and celebrity circles. WMD never found, removing Gaddafi etc. Great sketch, but there are PLENTY of cover ups and hidden government agendas.
    Interesting reading the arrogance amongst the comments section which generally reads as 'I'm not one of them, how could anyone be, oh yah this sketch shows us all how jolly silly they are'
    Some of you have short memories, that's for sure!
     Love M&W – top comedy…

  3. So good. I cannot stand conspiracy theorists… just been in a conversation with someone trying to tell me that Trump is actually Joe Biden in a Trump suit, they talked about eyes, ears, a seam on the edge of Trumps hand.. and other such compelling "evidence".. jeeez… fuck off you fucking insane ignoramous ..

  4. Laugh at the sketches because no one could ever be that stupid. Then read the comments under the video. Wow there are so many people who really are that stupid.

  5. Ancient Greece, 6th Century BC:

    David: So…how do we hide from people the fact that we live on a world that is shaped like a disc? We need to tell people that it is another shape, literally any other shape conceivable…
    Rob: A sphere.
    David: Perfect! We will now claim that the world is round!
    Lady: Er…why do we need to tell people it's round?
    David: Because…well, er…it's just a very bad thing if people find out that the world is flat! Inevitably some of the more intelligent ones will cotton onto the truth and feel especially smug that they are more aware of their reality than the rest of those brainless sheep, but the absolute majority of people must believe that the world is round!
    Lady: And how do we prove to people it is round?
    David: We'll send boats to go to the horizon and sail off the edge, the sailors will die a horrible death floating in space, but we will tell people that the boat is disappearing behind the curvature of the earth!
    Lady: What about that thing that happens when an apple drops to the floor because of the tremendous speed that our planet is travelling upwards through space?
    Rob: That's the beauty of it, we'll claim that it's actually a natural force which attracts objects to others, and it is that force which naturally forces large objects in space to take a round shape!
    Lady: And what do you call this totally absurd magical force?
    Rob: Er, I don't know, someone will probably come up with a good name eventually, something that will have a lot of weight to it.
    Lady: But, what about that Ice wall that borders the perimeter of the globe? Most people have cottoned on to that.
    David: How about we tell people it's not an ice wall, but in fact two separate places on earth that are on either side of the round world? They'll be called 'Poles' the entire world will rotate on these two poles around something called an 'axis', and just to make sure people are convinced, we'll cover the southern part with these useless non flying black chickens and the northern part with those large white bears so that people will think they're two very different geographical areas.
    Rob: That's absolutely brilliant.

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