YO! Today’s were talking about a few of the many theories of what happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. What do you think happened? Be sure to give this …




  1. Im from Malaysia and this case is huuuuugeeeee news. And it was even more unfortunate because there is another plane accident involving Malaysia Airlines shortly after this incident. Thank you for making this video. Always praying for the crew, passengers and the families

  2. What if it's like the show (can't remember the name) where the people are on a plane and disappear for like 5 years and then they show back up one day!?

  3. The bremuda triangle sorry not really sure how to spell bremuda. And can u do a video on Ayla bell Reynolds please. I want to be a detective so I’m pretty obsessed.

  4. This year marks five year anniversary of the crash. I remember hearing about it on all the news like it was yesterday. I can't believe how time flies. Honestly, I'm not sure what theory to believe in. Anyway, I'm convinced that someone out there knows sth and hides information from the public. It's unlikely to me that aliens have sth to do with the crash, and also that parallel universe. Sounds ridiculous.

  5. Did u ever hear of OCCAM'S RAZOR?? It states that "MOST OFTEN THE SIMPLEST ANSWER IS THE CORRECT ANSWER." Like when you hear hoofs u think horses, not zebras. I think that something went wrong on the plane likr carbon monoxide and everyone was over come, passed out or died and the plane went down in the ocean after flying around til it ran out of fuel.

  6. you know how most cartoons are telling use the futre well what if the plane did land somewhere like in the movie madagascar were the planes in the tree idk maybe its on some island somwhere

  7. What about the passengers phones surely they or at least 1 could be tracked even if they disabled planes locators but even the last known position of peoples fones could help with search area. This seems very fishy to me!,

  8. This reminds me of flight MA828 disappearing and then reappearing 5 years later from the show Manifest. To all the passengers no time has passed and none of them aged a day.

  9. It was the pilot. There is so much evidence as to why I know. The oxygen supply and the contact radio was shut off right after the pilot said goodbye. He even flew over his hometown to reminisce. The plane taking drastic turns and going off the radar just shows it was the pilot. Last place it was tracked was the Indian Ocean where it still is today. We just havent found it yet. It took decades to find Titanic. This wrecked plane will pop up one day.

  10. If you listen to the last conversation to the pilot and air control,
    You can hear a weird weird noise right before he says goodnight MH370

  11. I’m 12 and I remember watching the news with my grandma and just watching it on the radar everyday and just watching it disappear it was crazy

  12. Pilot had ordered two hours of extra fuel before takeoff from Kuala Lumpur… also captain zaharie made a 45 minutes mystery phone call to his cousin that had puzzled the investigators for years… still remains a mystery….

  13. Funny story when I was in the hospital for mental health issues the only technology we had was a T.V so for like 12 days all they played on the news was about the plane it was insand.

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