Minnesota cop killed when suspect wrestles away gun

Police were investigating why a suspect shot and killed a cop.

Police were investigating why a suspect shot and killed a cop.

A Minnesota police officer was shot dead after the domestic abuse suspect he was guarding grabbed the cop’s weapon and fired at him during a tragic turn of events at St. Cloud Hospital.

Police on Monday said they are still trying to determine the suspect’s motive in the shooting.

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Killed was Steven Martin Sandberg, 60, by shooter Danny Leroy Hammond, 50. Police and security officials quickly subdued Hammond with a stun gun. Hammond later became unresponsive and died, Gawker reported.

Hammond was being treated at the hospital for unspecified reasons. Sandberg was tasked to guard him. The Associated Press reported Hammond, who had been detained for a domestic incident, had prior convictions for burglary, terroristic threats and escaping police custody.

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The St. Cloud TImes said Hammond was in his hospital bed but got up and “initiated a struggle” with Sandberg, and subsequently wrestled away the officer’s gun. Hammond had not been official under arrest at the time of incident, and had therefore not been handcuffed or restrained.

An officer had just arrived at the hospital to replace Sandberg as guard when the shooting occurred.