MIND BLOWING! NEW High Altitude Balloon Footage & District Conspiracy UPDATE

SHARE! What if The Earth was Bigger than they say and, had extra districts. It’s a theory – This New High Altitude Balloon footage shows us more than we can …




  1. If I calculated correctly, the max heigth of the balloon is 40km.
    1. There are no satellites up there, they are much higher.
    2. Not enough to see the curvature really. Go up a few hundred km, then it will be visible. People should inform themselves first before they run to premature conclusions.

    There is enough material online, from the 60ies on that shows the round globe. Districts "out there"??? Beautiful idea, we are running out of land, too many folks liviing on the planet right now.

  2. until ur that high up yourself…….or sail the waters and keep straight. stfu the earth is not flat. show us proof……..not diagrams and drawings….lol

  3. when you use a wide angle camera if what your viewing isn't exactly in the middle of the frame the image will bend and bow at the borders

  4. Once again another fantastic video, i believe we live on an infinate flat plane with infinate Dome covered land masses and each with there own artificial light sources and moon contained inside the constructed dome to control the eco system that seals us in the bubble.

  5. Yes they want their new world order but also right now I believe they want the people to fight each other not the military I just seen a video a few days ago how the refugees basically over ran the police, starting fires throwing fire bottles attacking them throwing them into The police car just vandalizing everything in sight and setting things on fire why is the military not stepping in the police had a run from them this was in France and it will happen in Sweden, Germany all over Europe and it's breaking my heart because Europe is beautiful that's where I was born and raised in Germany I will never recognize it again I've lived in the USA 30 years now.They should have only let in the people that really need help the way they are fighting and want sharia law they could've done that at home.They want people fighting each other or for UN to call Martial law I believe the President should make that decision not the UN

  6. They do lie, because simply as Admiral Bird stated that there is another sizeable piece of land "as big as the united states" once you pass something ( I can't remember if he said the pole or a wall around the pole region) however, he clearly stated that there was land never seen by a human with resources just as we have here,,  .. so yes they gotta be  hiding shit,, fo sure

  7. dumb…..121000 ft lol thats not even close to see the curve of earth. most satellites are over 250 miles up lol. people will beleive anything haha

  8. Fish eye lense is funny. One time earth is flat, seconds later its round. 2:56 – ball earth, 2:57 – flat earth. WTF !?!?!?!?!? Next time use normal lense in ur camera…

  9. How are you saying this shows no curvature ?
    All you have is fish eye lens footage showing curvature.
    Convex and concave.
    This does show a flat horizon. Its very curved.

  10. we do have other continents Emerald Byrd said we did in the 1940's when he took 5000 men to fight the boggie man that's fact he said it in live television

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