Michael Savage warns of communist–like pope

Pope Francis addresses Congress.

Pope Francis addresses Congress.

Nationally known, top-ranked radio host Michael Savage sent out a not-so-subtle appeal to Catholics and others with religious beliefs, saying in his newsletter those of the faith need to “save us” from the communist agenda touted by Pope Francis.

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“[It’s tragic] to see a pope arise out of nowhere who espouses the very communistic principles that the church opposed … Communism. Priests died under the hands of communists. The communists burned churches, destroyed icons and artifacts in Bolshevik Russia,” he said, in a piece headlined “Catholics, save us from this pope’s collectivist agenda” in his newsletter.

He went on: “Wherever communism has appeared, the church has suffered. Catholics have suffered terribly.”

Savage then referred to Pope Francis – a “man wearing the same vestments of the church” and carting “the same philosophy” as the church’s previous persecutors – and warned: “Oh, beware the enemy within. He’s everywhere. He’s everywhere now.”

Is a 900-year-old prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes? See the fascinating DVD movie, “The Last Pope?”

Savage went on, speaking directly to Catholics and others of faith: “Just make sure he’s not inside your own heart. You have to fortify yourself with knowledge. Knowledge is power and knowledge is really the only thing you have left against these con men and shysters who would steal your very freedom. … Wait until you see what goes on over the next two days.”