Michael Jackson Warned about Illuminati Conspiracy?

Michael Jackson Warns about Illuminati Conspiracy? *SUBSCRIBE* for more great videos! Mark Dice is a media analyst, author, and political activist who, in an …




  1. thank you for this video but michael did'nt his nose surgery for his father. he had vitilligo. i understand it because i have vitilligo too but just one thing, if you have vitilligo you MUST do a nose surgery to look normal. i had a plastic surgery. i just want to look normal after my vitilligo

  2. +Mark Dice

    Hate Mark Dice all you want, yet many of the things he playfully discusses in his content is completely true. It seems most of you are unable to see that he's laughing due to the total insanity of many of these topics. I don't completely agree with Mark or Alex Jones 100% of the time, yet I understand where they're coming from. Quit calling them sellouts, fakes, tools, lunatics, etc. It seems most of you are too busy getting brainwashed by Fox 5, watching football games, and corrupt celebrities, while gluing your faces into iPhones, iPads, and other nonsense 24/7. I've been living in Canada for almost 3 years now, after needing a desperate change of scene away from the "deceased" USA. However, I was blessed to have been born in the early 80's, what great times. I don't know about "biblical hell", yet if there is one, earth truly is "that place" at this point. I saw right through this insanity by the time I was 13. The media just didn't seem trustworthy. Don't worry +Mark Dice , our Western world will truly wake up when utter reality (chaos) comes to everyone's doorstep. Unfortunately that's the only powerful lesson that will wake up all of these "sheeple". I believe a better world will emerge once the "reality chaos" has destroyed all of the things that brought us to this point in the first place. Stay strong brother, these internet morons only throw hate at you because they're truly afraid to venture towards the actual truth happening right under their noses.

    +Mark Dice  Also, do you believe Jesse Ventura would honestly be a good candidate for 2016 President? (with Howard Stern as Vice Pres.)

  3. I don't think there's an "Illuminati" as such. I do however think there is an organisation with aspirations of the same nature. They are worldly governments. Yep, there's no real secrecy about them. It's all happening right under our noses. If we wake up and open our eyes we can see it all.
    If you really want to know the truth, next time Jehovah's witnesses knock on your door, think about Michael, remember that he was one and as such, he knew the truth, so humbly listen to what they have to say.
    It doesn't take a genius to see that this is Satan's world. Ask them why.

  4. the only idiots are the people who joke about the illuminati…..meaning they have already gotten you where they want you…they ARE real……have seen their workings first hand….so STFU if you don't know what you are talking about…you are a fool 

  5. They may not be gods but the singers are for fun but look at ur stupid ass wtf have u done in your life u worthless peice of shit

  6. You'r A doushbag .talking shit about every body else take A look in the mirror .and hew the hell cares about all these secret groups there gonna do what there gonna do /.
    your pretty sad yourself are you Andrew Dice Clay's brother who didn't get enough attention growing up.this world is fucked iether wise it's way to populated thats why there is The Goergia Guidstone's half A million humans that's how many of us should be here 

  7. Mark dice wants everyone to listen to him and not to anyone else, but I do like Mark but hate when he makes fun of others when they could be true. 

  8. I know as much as you Dice. I don't know as much as Alex Jones though and neither do you. And nobody knows as much as William Cooper did 😉

    Do me a favor and stop calling everybody dumb. It's sad how people have been fooled into taking the easy way and now watch their daughters miscarry and their parents die from cancer. Oh well, it's bad genetics right? Bwahahaha..

    The people who are dumb are the folks who wake up and still don't change anything. Feel sorry for the minds that couldn't if they wanted. If you don't then your no better than the Nazi illuminati. 

  9. God be with you Mark really. I'm not saying that because the "ILLUMINATI" is after you no, no, noooooo! But it's because you're being down right disrespectful about man who had a very rough childhood as a kid growing up and never had a childhood. And you're making fun of his daughter… Damn that's just fucked up. Now Paris committed suicide because she was depressed about her father's death and she real close to him. So don't judging about her or her father like that, I'm sure Jesus didn't judge anybody about his or her deaths or suicide, but felt sad for them. Think before what you say.

  10.  Mark, by this video you proved that you know nothing at all about Michael Jackson. You did no research at all. You are brainwashed by the media in forming your opinion on him. Real Michael Jackson fans know very well what he meant to them. But you will never know, you are too narrow hearted.   And by the way Paris and her siblings are the biological kids of Michael Jackson. And shame on you about mocking on a young girl who did a suicide attempt after her beloved father's death and all the youtoubers like you mocking on her dad. Use your brain and awaken the heart you have in your chest.

  11. Wake up people, this guy is a fraud and does it for money and discredicts real victims of assassination in the media. What a potty disgrunted mouth, JEALOUS MUCH?? MJ Sang songs to uplift us and awaken us while you sit here talking shit all day. Michael Jackson REACHES the masses in big way, he did it in subtle way. BTW in the Black or White ending he smashes the 666 number of the beast into bits. What does that tell you??!!

  12. Oh yeah, we're stupid to take advice from stars.. that would know even more about the illuminati.. but we cant trust because they're not properly educated on shit. YEAH OK. MENTAL ILLNESS? YEAH OK.. you know what, FUCK you mark. You Cover-up faggot

  13. Hey mark usually your right on but there was a speech MJ gave one day where he actually says "the secret society's" and when he talks they could go after him. he did say that once. I'll try to find the link buddy.

  14. This guy thinks he knows everything what an idiot. For him every famous artist is a worshipper or some shit. Although I strongly believe in the illuminati I also strongly believe Michael Jackson was a good man. This guy should research before he says he is a child molester.

  15. Este hombre que habla mal de Michael Jackson (Rip) está más loco que una cabra .
    También habla mal de París JACKSON diciendo que esta loca porque fue influenciada por su padre . Seguro que a este loco le pagaron bueno para decir los disparates que dijo del
    Rey del Pop MICHAEL JACKSON . 

  16. Michael Jacksom had plastic surgery because he's nose was burnt at a Pepsi commercial. And he had another one because of his skin disorder. Why does it matter anyway? Half of the rich populations these days go for plastic surgery just cause they can.
    You're wrong about him, stop asuming things that aren't true. Nothing is as it seems, Just stop it. All these dark stuff and hidden secrets about the illuminati is just another way the of entertainment. Drama, attention
    Us humans we always needs something or someone to blame. And now we're choosing the celebrities and the illuminati. But if you wanna really do something to stop the injustice or whatever shxt is going on in this world. Then I suggest like what MJ said. "Take a look at yourself and make that change." Mind your own business, inspire. Don't blame, or cause conspiracy. To change the world you gotta change yourself.

  17. If you are disagreeing that michael was killed by the illuminati or whatever your a fucking idiot, you preach shit out your ass. You know that media is corrupt. 

  18. Claims people who focus on Michael Jackson are mindless morons who waste their life on talking about him. Dedicates four videos about Michael Jackson. Hmm…

  19. You sound like you have issues, you're shouting and screaming and calling fans "morans" and "idiots" seriously get some help!

  20. Michael was going to screw Sony out of so much money. I find hard to believe all these celebrities die from overdose. If it was a couple it might be believable but there is way too many.

  21. you sir are ignorant. you can't get the message across because you're too busy being a jackass. only got to the 1:53 mark. I can't with you ?


  23. Mark. Dice. Your. One. Goddamn. Screwball. Who. Didn't. Do. His. Research. If. You. Did. You,d. Know. All. This. Garbage. Is. Just. That. Garbage. !

  24. i love michael jackson but you are right mark dice what celebrities do is distructing us from our lives i wasted a lot of my time liseting to music i could spent it reading books and learning new skills like coding a computer or anything that could improve my life

  25. hey asshole why don't you shut your fucking face nobody wants to hear your negative bullshit you are just a piece of shit trying to get a little attention from Michael Jacksons death please just shut up go away disappear b**

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