Hey SunRaes! Today we are looking into conspiracy theories surrounding the suspicious death of Michael Jackson. Was he murdered? Did He know he would …




  1. He died of acute propofol intoxication, and it's an anesthetic, which is far different from sleep medication. He was not addicted on pain-medications, he was dependent on them because of several scalp surgeries (which he had to undergo after the 2-3 degree pepsi-burns in the 80s) and back-pain, because the stage he performed on (which was high up in the air) fell straight to the ground, which could have killed him, and should have left him crippled, but he was ''lucky''. So, no… he wasn't addicted to them, and people die of pain all the time, even though most people can't seem to grasp that pain can give strokes, heart-attacks, asthma, and it was a serious condition/s that had to be treated to avoid bad sleep, pain ofc, being able to take part in activities with his children, and also that he or anyone for that matter, shouldn't suffer high physical pain, as it could have caused an even earlier death, or in damages in general.

    Also he only used Propofol when he was on tour, or ahead of the tour, because his adrenaline was so high, he wouldn't sleep for days at a time. If he had used propofol for a longer time periode(as some rumors claimed) he would have been dead way earlier, which means this is something he hadn't used probably since late 90s to early 2000 …so his body may have reacted differently to it. The reason as to why he would have been death, is because an anesthetic imitating sleep. The problem is that it's not sleep, as his body won't be able to cooperate different stages of sleep-patterns, because the anesthetic is forcefully shutting down the body. Your body will break down, after 11 days without sleep, so if MJ only got ''sleep'' through Propofol and used for several days at a time, he would be dead after 2 weeks of using it or sooner.

    Michael Jackson only had 2 nose-jobs and one chin cleft ( which he already admitted to in the early 90s) in his book ''moonwalker'', and is what they found in his autopsy report, they could also confirm that he has severe vitiligo, however they could not confirm lupus, as it's very difficult to establish this skin-disorder post-mortem (however it was diagnosed by a doctor, just like his vitiligo was I believe it was in the 90% if I remember correctly.).

    One example as to why it looked like MJ had several cosmetic surgeries (outside the skin disorders and makeup) is because the skin-tissue surrounding his nose area, wasn't able to heal properly because if the vitiligo. Which meant that he got botox and reboost of the skin-tissue, to help the healing process. However because MJ experienced this, doctors was able to find that a person with vitiligo should never under any circumstances use plastic surgery…So at least something good came out of it. Not to mention that the skin-disorder is from his fathers side, which he in time would pass off to Prince. Vitiligo also explains why MJ's children are lightskin (even though they're more than 50 % European as MJ had both European and Native American blood) because most men has a very difficult time passing over melanin (skin pigmentation ) over to his offspring, What triggered his vitiligo, excluding genetics as a factor, was probably the pepsi-burn in 1984 . Fire is known to be a huge catalyst for developing vitiligo, even for those who doesn't carry the genetic mutations, and could also explain the speed and severity of it , in the first place.

  2. The only thing they wanted was to get a hold of the music catalogue he owned that he bought back in the 80s. He used that catelog to end up owning 50% of Sony Music Publishing which includes the whole catelog of artists like Beyonce, Eminem, the beatles etc. They say it's worth 2 billion but it's actually worth a lot more. They tarnished his name and got poeple to make allegations against him from the very first moment he bought the catelog and used the media to their advantage. Their plan was to get him so broke and in debt that he would end up selling his 50% ownership to them but he refused becuase he knew how valuable it was. After he refused the only thing they had left to do was to kill him and some of the people who worked for Sony somehow managed to become new members of the Michael Jackson's estate right after his death. Last year the estate sold his share to Sony for around 800 million even though his share was worth way more so in the end their evil plan worked for them. It just shows how much control the music industry and record labels have over the poeple who actually matter, the artists.

  3. This makes me want to cry , this guy is amazing! RIP michael…
    I believe that he was murdered but i don't believe the doctor was the one who did it

  4. Michael was guilty of nothing. And if he was guilty of anything, it was of helping millions of children all around the world stay alive. HE IS INNOCENT

  5. When MJ "died" i was about 2 and i was Such A MJ FAN!! Believe it or not i was watching the funeral on live tv, and my dad has told me many times before that he tried to change the channel to a football game and i would just yell," NO!! MICHAEL JACKSONS FUNERAL IS ON!! NOOOOOOOO!!"

  6. I was in the hospital because my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer around that time. I still remember exactly where I sat in the hospital room watching the news.

  7. One theory you didn't mention (which is the one I believe to be true) is that he planned his own death, either from suicide or asking his doctor to help him. He had a huge tour coming that I think he knew he wouldn't be able to physically do, he wasn't as young as he used to be and wouldn't have the energy to be able to tour the entire world. So he escaped it by dying.

  8. He was born on AUGUST 29 1958 not august 19 and he was born at exactly 7:33 pm Michael had lupus also and he had 3 surgeries 2 on his nose and 1 on his scalp (pepsi commercial) and as you can see he was innocent cause those 2 kids that said they molested him but their lawyers are the same those 2 kids are not related… They did this on purpose and Murray killed Michael…. and the funeral they kept it private because it will be too much for fans to see some actually killed themselves

  9. Michael Jackson ? was born August 29th 1958 on a Friday at 7:33 pm he was NOT a chomo he had two surgeries ??and vitiligo as many know what a wonderful man he was and if you have any other questions just ask me or a moonwalker ya know❤?

  10. My opinion with the open casket is I think cause all three of Michaels kids were there it wouldn't have been right for the casket to be open cause you wouldn't want your young children to see your lifeless body

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