Mattress Firm Conspiracy Theory – Getting to the Bottom of It

There’s a relatively new conspiracy theory going around that says Mattress Firm and possibly all the mattress stores are a front for money laundering. This video …




  1. I'm not 100% about this but I have a hypothesis that Mattress Firm is arranged by aliens whomst want to make a ritual shape and align the stores just right that they can invade Earth.

  2. In Canada, Best Buy bought a chain called Future Shop (which is pretty much the same store as Best Buy). In my city, the Best Buys and Future Shops were pretty much all next door neighbours. Eventually, they closed all the Future Shops but there was an awkward period where pretty much every area of the city had two Best Buys right next to each other.

  3. There are like 6 mattress sores in my town (not all of them being mattress firms) and my town has a population of like 2000 we don’t Evan have a McDonald’s

  4. I live in Las Vegas, so maybe they put them close together not for customer convenience, but convenience of receiving the shipped mattresses. Might be a burden to drive all around town to stock their suppliers. Mattresses aren't necessarily an easy package to deliver.

  5. Pre-vid theory: Mismanaged records led to another location being built across the street of a Mattress firm. Corporate saw sales actually went up for some reason and kept doing it secretly bc HOW do you advertise this ?

  6. this might just be the best marketing scheme ever . Start a conspiracy that place you in the memory of the people.. do Microsoft & bill gates next

  7. all these stores sell crap, spent 1200 on a mattress that sunk in just after their guarantee expired (2 months or less I think). total piece of shit. you actually have to spend over 3500 to get a decent mattress, or foam style from ikea for 200 and youre pretty much set.

  8. Where I used to live there was a straight street with shops at the sides & there were 4 mattress firms not far from each other. I asked my parents & they said their best guess is different ones supply different sized mattress. King, median, small etc, idk have you ever gons in one?

  9. Theory: Matress Firms function like gas stations. Separate owners of each store but still the same company. They seek to outcompete each other by residing across the street and attract as many customers as possible, keeping their “enemy” as close to them as well.

  10. This isn't a conspiracy, this is exactly what happens in the banking industry. Essentially, Mattress Firm bought out all their competition, consolidating itself as the one that owns the market. The reason for this ISN'T to indefinitely own the market. After all, after buying up the competition, market saturation inevitably leads to business downturns. Thus, the real goal is exactly what happened, which is to sell the company at its strongest point to outside forces, thus dumping off this giant over saturated business onto someone else while you make out like a bandit. This explains the accounting irregularities; it's not to hide illegal money laundering, it's to make the company seem more profitable and more successful so it can be sold. My guess is that all that rebranding over saturated the market, and numbers took a hit, so Mattress Firm decided to instead fudge the numbers a bit to make the most out of their sale. Obviously, they got caught. But simple greed is not exactly newsworthy.

  11. I'm going with the high mark ups make for large profit margins which means low sales number can still keep a store operating in the black theory.

  12. conspiracy?
    t-series is a brandname ran by cassettes private,

    wich has part a british board of director

    pewdiepie is plugging this for years, his 399 chair?

    it's called t(hrottle) series pewdiepie chair


    they're pushing eachother up

    but its part of the fucking same investment group

    nobody sees it and investors rather have it that way

    and he's planning an episode explaining the shit and plugging the name probably

    that's how he's getting away with it in a plottwist

    or other scenario for the channel

    that is stockmarket market manipulation

    and i don't care thats illegal

    i just dont get people dont understand??????

    the board of directors for cassettes private is british

    cassettes private = t-series

    he's manipulating it

    he knows its not about the subcount

    india has a billion people

    t-series is an automatic subscribe channel

    he could calculate the passing

    but this shit going on with it getting out of hand scares him

    a lot,

    when investors in cassettes limited industries pull their stock,

    and this is a very unstable market situation

    everybody is going to crash and burn

    look to his last vids

    is that a healthy looking guy?

    its the same

    if you sub to pewds or t series, him or at least

    some people are benifitting any way

    its a double play, he just didn't expect to it being this huge

    he probably wanted it done before the year ends, but they're

    stretching it for him, even the Pauls linking channels

    for pewdiepie subs? pls they don't do anything

    without personal gain.

    but he has to pull his stock out sooner or later

    and thats the moment the market is going to crash

  13. I know I’m super late with this, but I work for a sign company, and since this video was posted we have gone through six-seven sign removals for mattress firm from multiple different locations that have closed. It’s my understanding they’re actually going through some rebranding and shutting down a lot of these locations. What do you think, is it a Coincidence??

  14. Mattresses are pretty big, and mattresses firms are usually in small strip mall spaces, so in order to have a wide selection, they spread the product among many stores in an area(my guess)

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