Massive Spy Conspiracy Unravels in Greece Involving Russia and the CIA

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  1. Thank you for keeping us informed. One does not hear about this on the mainstream media, or if we do, it is not accurate reporting.

  2. There is more to this story… suddenly PM's wife got cancer getting in serious condition but after his retirement she got healthy (it was well known that his wife + children were his weakest points). Plus rumors have it that there was even shooting exchange between russsian agents and the foreign ones preventing abduction of his children.

  3. And now you know why Greece was punished after this dragging the whole country into fake economic depression the next prime minister after Karamanlis quickly brought the economic measures sucntioned by the EU stooges. Just because Greece want it Good quality weaponry from Russia and to make economic deals that will benefit the region. The Greek media avoid mentioning this for years now.

  4. Basically left wing supporters are potential spies of CIA and Mossad. The only way for Greece to recover from the crisis, is to kick them all out.

  5. Karamanlis is a corrupt asshole who bankrupted Greece by appointing all his political clients to the (already bloated) Greek public sector. In Greece he is ridiculed because he is fat and lazy (famously playing Playstation all the time). I really like Russia, but in this case this is an unfortunate documentary. Ask 10 random Greeks what thy think of Karamanlis; they all hate him, except of course those he appointed in the civil service.

  6. Thre problem is the Greek fifth columnists……It is obvious that Russia should replace the US Greek-Turkish arms market, and that Greece and Turkey should leave NATO's integrated military structure, but……..the USI shareholders will not allow it. They are gangsters.

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