Mars or Planet X – Let The Conspiracy Wars Begin

As The Planet Mars comes into alignment this weekend and lights up the evening sky with a reddish look, and for the Red Planet it is suppose to look red.




  1. okay it's like this we are in the end of times correct. And in the Book of Revelation it states that something from the sky is supposed to either hit us or come very close to where does damage and it doesn't state if it's a comet or an asteroid or hey Planet X.

  2. now there's a documentary I've seen that the star that falls from the sky could be the Kaaba Stone / Mecca which I don't think though I know it was an asteroid or a comet that came down and the stone the Kaaba Stone is in Mecca

  3. This morning 21 May 2016 I Christine Gavin dremt of two huge  fluroesent white owls about two thirds human height sitting on a a cross pole with other normal sized birds. We were driving through the darkness towards a long range of high hills & the Owls sat in the lower hills above the crossroad at which we would turn left towards the town we were going to. Our car was packed to the hilt & my handbag was atop all our stuff but I left the car with the door open to take a photo of the owls…I also dremt I was travelling around the coast of Scotland when a minister told me to ' Be sure to visit Shefield where there were "good women" who would pray to excorcise the spirit because the people were very superstitious.'  I could see all around the coast of England & Scotland whick is very strange because I am geographically ignorant & even though Shefield is in England my dream looks just like the map my husband has since shown me, & in my searches for Owls this morning I have come upon a story in which a man named Gavin is quoted as being one of several who encountered strange ghostly owls at a Church in Scotland. I also see now that Owls are called "rapters" because of thier nocturnal huntings & wonder as tonight is the night of a blue moon if this could signify the Rapture of Bride of Christ? As 14 yrs ago I dreamt of two full moons & a pole shift and a huge UFO incident at the same time.     Time will tell!

  4. You can download free software called Stellarium for pc laptop and mobile devices, it shows you complete real time imagery of what is in space above your region. Make sure to set the location to your area and also the correct time, i use it all the time when i am viewing space with my telescope. I will be out this weekend weather permitting to video the full moon, mars, jupiter and saturn using my 6 inch telescope and a neximage5 camera.

  5. Steven, please look into the flat, stationary earth with a dome. The stationary earth has been proven. We have a dome/firmament. The Bible as well as other books that were kept out of our Bible, supports this, so I urge you to at least try to debunk it. Zen Garcia on Endeavor Freedom channel on YouTube has some great videos along with Rob Skiba, and Eric Dubay. I used to think it was a joke and spent the past two years studying it, testing it, digesting it, embracing it, and in total awe of Our amazing God! Planets are just wandering stars. The earth is God's footstool. There is no outer space, and the earth is not a Baal.

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