Marine shooting suspect blogged about ‘jihad’


Investigators are pulling together more and more information about the life of Mohammad Youssef Abdul¬azeez, 24, of Hixson, Tennessee, who shot and killed four Marines in the Chattanooga area on Thursday before being killed himself.

Among their findings? He blogged about “jihad.”

“Did you ever notice that in one certain period towards the end of the lives of the Sahaba (RA), almost every one of the Sahaba (RA) was a political leader or an army general?” he wrote at one point.

“Every one of them fought jihad for the sake of Allah. Every one of them had to make sacrifices in their lives,” he said, reported the Washington Post, which explained “RA” is a term of reverence in Islam.

Talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh said, pointedly, “Now, you would think that after all of the previous Muslim terror attacks, the authorities in the news media would start see a pattern. But they don’t want to jump to any conclusions, and they don’t want to move any faster than the glaciers move. They don’t want to bring up Muslim terrorism until we’ve gotten used to the idea that another four people have been killed. Nobody wants a backlash against Muslims.”

The Post reported the blog by Abdulazeez was started just days before the shooting.

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It reported the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors online postings by radical Islamist organizations, revealed Abdulazeez was the author of “MYABDULAZEEZ.”

It was started July 13 and had just two entries.

The report said the first, titled “A Prison Called Dunya,” included a description of “everyday life” as a prison.

In Arabic, “Dunya” refers to earthly concerns as opposed to spiritual ones, the report said.

“Imagine that you are taken by force and placed in a prison. Once in the prison you realize that the living arrangements in this prison really aren’t that bad. There is a sun room, a TV to watch, computer to use, phone, different kinds of food, and even a section for exercise,” the writer said.

“After spending a couple weeks in the prison you get used to it and develop a routine. You still aren’t sure why you are in prison, or how long you will be there, but you are comfortable in your life. At this time one of the guards enters with a large folder that he hands you. You open the folder and read its instructions, stating that you will be spending the next couple years in this prison, and at the end of this term you will be given a test at a random time. It could be in 2 years or it could be in 4. The instructions state that passing this exam will result in you being released to the city of your choice and your living expenses will be paid as well as an allowance. Failing will lead to your transfer to another prison cell, one that has no windows or accessories except a hole in the ground for you to relieve yourself, and your meals will be the same oats and water day after day until you die.”

He then quoted the Quran’s statement about life being “amusement and diversion,” and concluded:

“This life we are living is nothing more than a test of our faith and patience. It was designed to separate the inhabitants of Paradise from the inhabitants of Hellfire, and to rank amongst them the best of the best and worst of the worst. … Take your study guide, the Quran and Sunnah, with strength and faith, and be firm as you live your short life in this prison called Dunya.”

The second posting was about “understanding Islam” and how different people perceive the same thing differently.

MSN reported Abdulazeez appeared to be “embracing jihad, or holy war.”

The report cited the online postings, and more.

“In addition to blog posts and information from his computer, investigators were also probing the foreign travels of Abdulazeez, 24, a Kuwait-born U.S. citizen who grew up in a conservative Muslim family in Chattanooga and worked as an electrical engineer,” the report said.

The report also said his parents had approached divorce in 2009, when the father said “he intends to take a second wife, as permitted under certain circumstances under Islamic law, in the parties’ native state of Palestine.”

Abdulazeez was born in Kuwait but attended high school near Chattanooga and a nearby college.

He boasted even then, “My name causes national security alerts. What does yours do?”

He was involved in the mixed martial arts and obtained an engineering degree.

The Daily Mail reported security was being beefed up at military stations across the nation because of the attack.

The attack happened during a period when Islamic State promoters had called for random Muslims to attack and kill people – during the Islamic events called Ramadan.