Marina Joyce Kidnapping PROOF/EVIDENCE (Conspiracies)

So the youtuber Marina Joyce has been the talking point of a lot of youtube conspiracy theorists for being “kidnapped” or Held Hostage, has the classic vlogger …




  1. 4:56 wearing butterfly earring which is a symbol of monarch mind control, and she looked like a girl who was about to get beat by her boyfriend, and yea that was definitely a ski mask.

  2. I Have A Theory. She Is Kidnapped, But By Ghosts. Yep. The Proof Is At The 1st Picture. When You Brighten The Picture, (Like He Did), You See 2 White Eyes, Nothing Else. This Could Be Linked To The Paranormal, A Reflection, Or Someone With A Black Hood/Mask On.

  3. Guys she post on twiter: Hope everyone likes pancakes.But when u read just first spell its says:Help. Sooooo. .. . who think thats creeeeeeeeeepyyyyyy????

  4. Guys. She was making some "happy" video where she say where she and her fans gonna meet. But after that, it was a night i think,she make live where she says: Guys please dont come at that place he got a knife, he goin to kill me, please dont go on that place. And then its just silence cuz she was see him so she hide.

  5. Everyone don't believe conspiracy theories even marina herself said it and plus that was 2 years ago so don't make a fuss cause of this guy but I mean ur kind of right there were some really creepy events happening back then. But tbh ur just guy trying to help marina #SAVEMARINAJOYCE

  6. She keeps saying about her mom beinf behind the videos and her mom was the one pointing In the dress video.. And the police report said her mom put a statement out after the police visited her saying she is okay. Maybe her mom is the one forsing her to make them….

  7. I totally see the face. Almost looks like Hitler with his hands together over his mouth elbows on table very intrigued look about him. Sorry to compare the face to Adolf’s not trying to trivialize but there is an obvious moustache.

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