1. Her doctor said that Marilyn was an addict and based on her body's state of rigor mortis she would have been dead for 7-10 hours before she was found. The pills would have already been absorbed since she was an addict, that's why they weren't in her stomach. It's easy to dry swallow pills, especially if you want to take a lot at once.

  2. Maybe rob came over and he and Maryland did anal and somehow he got the drug in her that way, but that could explain no force, idk maybe ? Maybe I'm dumb, but that could happen I guess

  3. Actually, the theory you think is the less believable is the one that actually happened. (About Bobby K killing her and the bodyguards etc). If you want to know more I suggest you to read The Murder of Marilyn Monroe: Case Closed. But overall, great video and really entertaining. x

  4. Why are people stuck on the enema thing? The liver filters your blood. They could have given her drugs through an IV. That would be simpler than trying to shove something up her ass lol

  5. I think that since she had an affair with JFK she spent a lot of time with him and knew a lot about the gov, the bad about them. So the gov killed her

  6. Please do a video of theories that have been proven right!!!! Also, I would love to know more about theories involving the government (assassinations, 9/11, etc). Those are really interesting to me! You're amazing and I hope your pregnancy is getting easier, you're so strong:)

  7. I would just like to thank you for making this video because I did a research project on this in school and have been working on for mountha wish me luck it's in a week

  8. the one thing that doesn't click with me is that there were no drugs in her stomach/system. pretty much makes it impossible to call it an overdose, don't you think?

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