MANDELA EFFECT Infection #2.2 – conspiracy news update, and a message

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  1. lol! love that intro! The alien guy with bananas on his shoulder! haha! I enjoyed your live show earlier today! I'm watching this now as I go to bed and look forward to your show with the doc tomorrow! Is it at the regular time at 5pm ET?

  2. p.s. I really hope your kitty returns!!!! I had one disappear for months on end and come back! And as a side note, the one pictured as my icon is my current cat "Sweet Buddy" and he got hit by a car in the face a few months ago and nearly died and is finally better now! He broke his jaw and nearly lost his eye and had months of vet care and surgeries, but he's doing well now! I really hope your kitty comes back! paws crossed

  3. It's good to list and note all changes and to make sure they are a true changes. But everyone needs to try and focus on the why ,when is this happening.

  4. The shaky mandella effects are definitely hurting the community in the long run. Its even made me hesitate. Maybe I'M being ridiculous too? I'm not sure how to reign it in, but its frustrating. I do think you're on the right track… Breaking them down further. Focusing on the disease and not the symptoms.

  5. You are a Wiz with information dude, you should continue these investigations with all these phenomenons, you seem to always hold plausible information in the videos you make.

  6. im a huge Carol Burnett fan, no recollection of her ever passing away. i do remember Dick Van Dyke passing away though, they had movie marathons etc…

  7. Things that seem very small to you may be earth shattering to someone else – how can we predict what will be the examples that will resonate with people?

  8. i feel like it is quickening. like there are more mandela effects found every day, so we better drop the fear unless we want to live in a fearful reality.

  9. Live stream was cool yesterday. I spoke with Marlena for over an hour in the chat room . Wow talk about being M/effected, that poor lady has gone through a lot. Not sure how much you have talked with her but you should hear her story's , things are happening to her everyday.I enjoyed the show so thanks to all that were there for making it very interesting. L&L >. S>.

  10. the thinker statue is a top one for me, so I was quite interested in that b/w video! the geographical ones are seen as huge for some, but to me … not much, though I do feel that South America drifted substantially east and looks closer to Africa

  11. You can attempt to explain away any "residue". Some comments on the Thinker vid try to say it's just the common bodybuilder pose. But was the pose based on an actual sculpture? And can someone debunk these.

  12. I honestly think some of ME is part of something much bigger and serious going on. ME is simply one manifestation of the deception going on.

  13. Unirock I agree with you! A lot of ME is just getting out of hand now.
    I guess some ME affected people are more suggestible than others and start seeing ME's in most of their memories.
    Happens in the ufo/alien phenomenon too.
    People seeing ufo's and aliens every time they look up, some even seeing them in trees lol
    As I have not been ME affected myself I find Mrs Broomes background history on topics she's explored and then dropped because of unpopularity, highly suspect when it comes to her motivations, regardless of what she says about not wanting the fame.
    Don't get me wrong I am not dismissing the ME phenomenon at all or what people are experiencing, I am not in their shoes to be going through something that's very real to them.
    This is just my opinion on Mrs Broome only.
    And I agree with you on maps!
    I've lived 'down under' all my life…Australia was never lower south (otherwise our weather would have been entirely different) and NZ has always been exactly where it's located, not north east and def not west lol otherwise it wouldn't be such a huge draw card for Aussie snow skiing enthusiasts…just saying lol

  14. this shit is as bad as cnn or faux reporting on news. CHECK THREE SOURCES VERIFY THEN REPORT. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO CRITICAL THINKING AND WRITTING  SKILLS IN SCHOOL? its called the mandella effect, because for some reason people believe he already died……. ok,, where are the pictures of the funeral, parades, people wailing in the streets?  the only thing I remember about him back then was he was in jail and going to go on a hunger strike which ended and he never died and was released years later.  ive seen about 35+ videos not a single one has anything from the "mandella event" the only one thing that even remotely describes this is some stupid ass book saying he died…….. 1 book..1 small paragraph.. where are the pics from the event. .the numerous other articles from around the world…. and im pretty damn sure my teachers in grade school/high school would have definitely made us do a report on him being dead….. they did not.. im sure it would have been just as big today minus some dignitaries? did it ever dawn on any of you that the publisher messed up, or printed it on purpose to be controversial? who knows but I know this shit as a god damn social experiment, and some jackass is getting an A for sure. so can I get some real links to real articles describing nelson mandellas death 20 + years ago? or is this really all there is to go on?

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