Managed Disclosures of the UFO Cover-Up: Aspect 3

The Extraterrestrial Agenda

What do the extraterrestrials genuinely want with humanity or our world in general? And is our federal government undertaking one thing about it?

As I stated just before, I imagine the ETs are really curious about lifestyle on Earth, but probably they’re in particular concerned about these harmful humans that are bent on self- annihilation – in particular through thermonuclear war, if not mass harmful chemical mudslinging. Sure humans are suicidal by character anyway. Does this reflect all of mankind on a unconscious amount? I hope not. I imagine there are just a number of poor nuts in the bag. But will these curious aliens raise a spindly finger to sabotage our self-destruct mechanism, or idly observe us flush ourselves down the rest room? Definitely they imagine there is no clever lifestyle down on this 3rd boulder from the Sunlight. And they’re most likely proper. Or else we would have previously figured out a way to go away this rock and fly out into area and go to other worlds, just like our alien close friends have been undertaking all alongside.

Just how prepared are we if we at any time appear facial area to facial area with these aliens? Will the initially speak to state of affairs be a really enlightening working experience? Or will it be a trick that prospects to an precise alien invasion (as instructed by cheesy motion pictures)? Will we the public at any time appear in speak to with these ETs? Would our federal government welcome initially speak to, or would they test to suppress it? If the federal government is that paranoid and fearful, probably they would test to go over it up, not letting aliens to reveal by themselves. For our personal good, of program.

In the meantime, we at this time have the problem of what to do about the mysterious ET phenomenon and all these UFOs folks are witnessing, not to point out innumerable experiences on abductions, implants, cattle mutilations, and so forth. So what is our federal government undertaking about all this? I imagine they’re undertaking what they do greatest — or is it worse? — which is to gather information and facts, then probably just sit again and test to put all the puzzle piece alongside one another, and preserve them all to by themselves. I imagine they’re however working on assembling the large photograph although. But prospects are they most likely however know a lot more than the public. And they’re not going inform us anything at all right until they’re good and ready.

The deepest secrets are allegedly however held by the federal government and military, so we may know the bare gist of the whole photograph. Even though a lot of information and facts has been circulated around the a long time, how significantly do we genuinely know? How a lot of secrets have slipped out or been unveiled, and how a lot of are however concealed? And how significantly of this information and facts has been muddled up with lies and deception? Is it feasible we have a lot more disinformation than genuine information and facts?

Of program, there have been innumerable UFO eyewitnesses from civilians and Air Force personnel alike, or other sources, and alien abduction experiences, but all this has been suppressed or ridiculed, and then the federal government slips in a lot of disinformation, muddling up any valuable information and facts. Hiding and baffling the truth of the matter is portion of the whole go over-up state of affairs, and so we can not be way too certain of what we imagine we know.

At 1 time, a large lid experienced been clamped down on the truth of reverse-engineering alien technologies. Now this information and facts is circulating into the public. Col. Philip J. Corso was 1 of the whistleblowers dependable for obtaining this information and facts out when he wrote his well-known e-book, The Working day just after Roswell. But also, reporters were being given certain bits of UFO information and facts, but a lot of this ended up in the tabloids, and even though a lot of folks think what these pretentious publications say, a lot of skeptics however reject them. Believe me, I’m 1 of the largest skeptics of the tabloid publications! I imagine it is 99% full bunk! And 1% questionable bunk. On the other hand, probably these sensationalist rags are the ideal avenue for the “truth of the matter” to be trickled out into the masses, due to the fact the federal government relies upon on skeptics, even though the believers are regarded to be crackpots.

But then there are levels of skepticism. I think I am proper in the middle of the diehard skeptic and the blindly open up-minded. For instance, I think there are innumerable UFO hoaxes, and probably only a lesser proportion are precise alien spacecraft. I absolutely disbelieve that President Clinton at any time shook the hand of 1 of these bulb-headed gray aliens as the tabloids at the time instructed. I completely reject the idea that Adult males in Black are alien/human hybrids I imagine they’re just federal government brokers trying to silence witnesses of sightings and encounters and abductions. Also, I emphatically reject the   conspiracy   theory  that the US Moon landings of the Apollo missions were being absolutely falsified, which would necessarily mean the historical past books are blatantly lying if mankind never ever set foot on the Moon (1 little overlook-step for guy, 1 huge fallback for mankind!). Even so, there may have been some staged dramatizations developed for our benefit, due to the fact some of the footage was really questionable as to their authenticity. I most unquestionably think that certain astronauts did in point witness sightings all through their missions and that the federal government tried to silence them, letting none of this information and facts into the public. Plus I’ve heard that a lot of NASA pics and footage are not getting permitted for public viewing possibly. What are they hiding? And I really doubt that the Rapture will contain Jesus coming down in a flying saucer and rescuing us from a lost-bring about of a world.

I can go on and on, but I will never bore you further. I look at myself a healthier skeptic and likewise a rationally open up-minded  conspiracy  nut consequently, maintaining a obscure quasi-healthier balance. But if you however imagine I’m a crackpot, you have a proper to your viewpoint.

In conclusion, the federal government is clearly covering up a lot of information and facts and activity pertaining to the UFO and ET phenomenon, due to the fact they’re hiding one thing they really don’t want us to know about. The dilemma is: what? And why are they hiding it from us? Why need to they inject into the public mainstream a lot of disinformation which only brings about confusion and adds to the ongoing go over-up?

Definitely the idea of their command around any sort of disclosure really signifies there will be no disclosure from the federal government whenever before long. One thing would have to radically adjust for that to take place. Like a genuine alien in a genuine UFO landing on the White Household garden, coming out and shaking the hand of the president. Just like the tabloids advise!

To conclude, I think the aged stating is genuine, “Simple fact is stranger than fiction.” But this is a new 1: Points are usually concealed by fiction.

Supply by R. R. Stark