Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Conspiracy Theories

The sudden disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 somewhere over the South China Sea has been called an “unprecedented missing airline …




  1. it fell in Ukraine
    blamed on Russia. it was a covert NATO operation.more reasons to blockade and surround Russia. The funny part is, no one even suspects. To think, with all the NATO Military space age technology, with the NSA spying on every move we all make, surely they could find 1 missing plane. The one and ONLY Mega Super Power in the world WHICH HAD 5 planes disappear on 9/11  "ring a bell" ending up in different locations, all acts of covert terror operations in order to ignite a Racist Fire among the Western masses and use them all in a military campaign to devour the adversaries in the middle East as well as in Eastern Europe and Asia. USA is FALLING, economically it is exhausted and it is taking the World DOWN with them! There are those who will take on this immense challenge and fight the NWO for their survival. I just hope it won't spark WW3. lets hope cool heads will calm the situation or the Cuban Missile Crisis 2.0 will come to duck and cover with BERT under the table once more. You do know that Russia is back in Lourdes write?

  2. you ever have something small fall off a table like a penny … and thought it SHOULD have landed in a certain area and you look in that area thoroughly and never find it … then you look in the area where its no way it could have fell and you actually find it ?? imo i think thats what happened to flight MH370 … we are too busy looking in the areas we THINK it should have crashed and burned and not considering the places where it shouldnt have but could have crashed ………………………………………………….????????????????????????????????

  3. or
     7. Rothchild of Freescale Semiconductor conspired with the US/Israeli government and military, took the plane over remotely and flew it to Diego Garcia, where a passenger that worked for IBM got a message out on a smart phone. Rothchild is now sole owner of patent that belonged to 4 of the 20 Freescale employees on that plane.
    Pilots may have got suckered in to the plot.

  4. will if the phones are ringing that means the plane is on the ground if it was up 35,000 feet it would go to voice message or maybe they just partying with the UFO aliens

  5. "There are warmholes but they haven't sucked up any planes." Lol Cenk, warmholes are just a theory. They haven't been proven.

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