Long Island News Update: Nassau Taxi Conspiracy against BUSES?

It is becoming more & more evident Nassau’s Government and maybe even NICE itself is influenced by some taxi conglomerates such as All-Island. And don’t forget about those breakdowns! https://yout…




  1. I emailed the county on why they repaved some roads in old Bethpage, which were probably better than 95% of the roads. Why want old county Rd paved in area through the park. They said some reason about the the dpw etc

  2. all island and checkered cabs are the devils of the cabs. sum lady who rivals all island runs checkered cab and oyster rides in hicksville is itialian mafia owned thats why they are a rip off

  3. Funny you mention the n43, I took it on Monday morning to NCC. The back door on 1923 didn't want to close at Babylon turnpike. The driver called it a day there. We had to wait for the next n43, the driver had to skip a ton of stops because how crowded it was.

  4. It's ridiculous that NICE even exists… I hope when Mangano is finally gone, there's some way to just have MTA take over the buses again. What was it, $2 million bucks that Nassau County would've had to kick in to keep EVERY one of the old bus lines intact? LOL. Big win for the "Tea Party" there. Is the "Tea Party" still a thing in LI? I haven't kept up.

    And the best part? Uber is now 5 seconds away from putting all the LI cab companies out of business!

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