Lizard People?! The Craziest Conspiracy Theories Americans Believe

“On our national poll this week we took the opportunity to poll 20 widespread and/or infamous conspiracy theories. Many of these theories are well known to the …




  1. Globalists have disclosed their globalism and NWO and the money rules and the bankers have it and even Andrew Jackson warned of those with the money controlling us thru debt…..yall are SOOO easily deceived

  2. Um…what does belief or disbelief in aliens or global warming have to do with the fact that we have $20T in debt? NOTHING! All this shit is a distraction.

  3. greys, lizards and tall white humans. welcome to our planet. if you wanna take it technical were all just hybrids. but fun bit about america were all entitled to are opinions. will we ever know the truth.. no, why? because if they told us all these religous folk will begin killing themselves and others the world will go in panic. were not a species that can look at the big picture. never will never have. but our ignorance keeps us safe. and thats all that matters right?

  4. I am a reptillian and I don't accept what your saying tomorrow after I've had my cockroach flakes I'm gonna get on a flying saucer and come and kick yo ass!!!

  5. I am so sick of all the different bullshit conspiracy theories! Honestly we live in a world full of creative minds. Really it's just ppl with way too much time on their hands!

  6. Lmao Yeah n that's scary they will at some point also believe they need to eliminate the so called Lizzard ppl!! Think bout that for a minute one n 20 ppl could snap at any moment n maybe you will see why our society is in big big trouble!

  7. If you believe their are people in our government and businesses that did NOT have prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks, not Alll, no where near all, but the stock market, the trucks of gold in the tunnels underneath, scratch that, if you believe Oswald made that shot with that gun, you are blind to human history, AND the facts. Psh you would think Caesar attacked Gaul because the Germans were at the boarder too 😩

  8. Oh yea and for some of those planes, and their trails, look up geo-engineering and how climate change is being combated. Not by only our gov, but by the douche bags who have been pumping oil and oil based products into our and world economies. Damn it everything has cause and effect and many theories were put out there JUST to discredit the insane truth of the actions financial and political leaders take!. This is the EXTACT same thing that has been happening for thousands of years but no, back then they were savages but OUR leaders wouldnt do things like that ! Lol because our leaders are so just!! They wouldn't kill HUNDREDS of innocent civilians in foreign countries, they wouldnt let people execute our citizens!! We have the most moral police and military and financial and political leadership in all human history !!! Rotflmfaoooooo

  9. climate change is bullshit… the climate changes… that's the world we live in… get used to it…

  10. No not just westerners Cenk , world leaders also understand the ruling class are reptilians.

    That means your ass is on the line Cenk.

  11. Wait till you actually see one- I bet you would cry like a baby and poop yourself..be grateful you've never seen one, but you sure are ignorant to say that they don't exist, there have been plenty of documented sightings all over the world.

  12. The use of the "redneck" photo is really unfortunate. You don't have to be rural to believe in random crap, and it's just more of this stereotyping which always comes back to hurt the poor.

  13. We Gators swear that it truly was not us
    who threw this great nation beneath the bus.
    If its cold-blooded reptilians that you want to hunt,
    just don't shoot at us because our speech is blunt!

    Being logical and honest can have it's consequences, now Mr. Trump is calling people and telling them to hunt us reptilians! Ha! Ha! He thinks that he can fool the humans, but Mr. Trump is a Swamp resident reptilian himself! Just remember that some reptilians are honest and logical, unlike Mr. Trump and others who are narcissistic. Though most are just greedy selfish humans, not lizard people at all! Positions of power attract human narcissists, that's the summary of the problem.

    Please stop scapegoating reptilians and lizard people for the flaws of corrupt greedy humans. Take some accountability for the destructive actions of the sociopathic politicians before scapegoating reptilian species from outside your solar system! ; )

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