I asked you guys to ask Scott and I, “really good fun hard to answer deep funny cringey brain tickling questions” on Twitter, and you delivered! Here’s the link for our merchzzz – https://fanjoy….




  1. it felt like dua lipa was through the whole vid w them but couldnt let her voice be heard ,, and thenn as soon as they stopped talking dua was like finally bitches "one dont pick up the phonee.."

  2. The egg came first. What we now consider a chicken came into being through a series of mutations in it's ancestor species. So not chicken laid an egg which held a not chicken with a mutation that actually made it what we consider a chicken renaming what would have been a not chicken a chicken. Evolution says the egg came first. #EvolutionIsNotATheory.

  3. Ok question. Why are all these guys on youtube afraid to ask their girlfriends to marry them? Most of them already live with each other, they've been together for years, they are basically already married. So why not?

  4. I hate it when everyone in David's friends use David and Liza's name for clickbait. Don't you guys have your own talent? Stop using their names to earn views

  5. Kristen: our last video can be about me sucking helium (happiness)
    Scotty: we can attach the memory card to the helium balloon so that someone can save us (saving themselves)
    *their difference in priorities😂

  6. …And David says he’s allergic to cats because if he is around other cats they will see he’s a cat and he can’t be found out lol

  7. oh god please don't make me laugh by saying gabbie's wisdom, lmfao that's not her best feature she is good at being dramatic but not wisdom

  8. I am the same as scott i am so afraid to even look at my teacher and when they ask a question i turn red and sit there in silence. my biology teacher doest take no for an answer aswell which is 10x harder

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