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  1. Gaga was actually "Lady Gaga" before the Lina thing happened, she played Lollapalooza as Lady Gaga in 2007

    I personally don't believe it lol

  2. as a ladygaga fan iwill always love her music and her.I will not believe anyone else, unless she says for her self. thank u.

  3. recently I'm obsessed with theories about literally everything so
    today I was in a cafe and in the background paparazzi started playing and in my mind I thought "I've never seen theories about Gaga" and now 2 hours later this particular video popped in my suggested youtube videos you made my day 😀 thank youuu

  4. The perfume smells nothing like sperm & blood I have it and I have the hand lotion that goes along with it. The perfume smells good and so does her other one.

  5. The Fame smells like dark grapes and powdered sugar. Definitely nothing like blood or semen ? Gaga has since confirmed she never actually said that and that it wasn't a real quote

  6. As of the Lady Gaga perfume, it doesn't smell like blood or semen, nor is it made with either of them. Her blood isn't in all of the bottles, the perfumer used a sample of her blood to compare molecules with molecules of flowers and other fragrant substances to create a perfume that shared the same intimacy and warmth as a human body. Also luckily it doesn't smell like cum, she referred that to the smell of an "expensive hooker." I do believe this correlates with the illuminati and the darkness that celebrities go through for power and fame, the perfume was described to be "black like fame," which honestly terrifies the shit out of me.

  7. Madonna & Penn got married.. Gaga has fuck all to do with M. M has Lola also Rocco which are her son & daughter.. Gaga is not at all related.. -,- Besides Gaga is fugly as.

  8. stop calling her a queen… since you want to make it clear. I want to make it clear lady gaga is so evil do not listen to her!

  9. Well i have a Conspiracy theory too! it might sound crazy but i think that Amy whinehouse was killed by the illuminati just so Gaga could rise because they've had similar styles and that they've intentionally sabotaged other artists so she could become more popular! what do you think?

  10. The best part about the Madonna/Bowie theory is that while gags and Madonna don't really get along gaga ADORES David Bowie. He's one of her biggest inspirations I believe she even has a Bowie tattoo

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