Kylie Jenner CONSPIRACY Theories (Chat Show)

More Celebrity News ▻▻ http://bit.ly/SubClevverNews Kylie Jenner thinks the government is out to get us and we’re breaking it down on today’s show! For More …




  1. Sinead is way too naive ??? Exactly the way the government wants us all to be…I love you boo but you can't be a pawn?? I get it though, some people don't want to believe we live in a circus, but it's the sad truth.

  2. There are holistic doctors who have figured out natural cures to cancers but all have been murdered one by one by the government. Research this please.

  3. A friend of my family works relatively high up in pharmaceuticals in Australia and advised my grandmother with non-hodgkin lymphoma AGAINST chemotherapy treatment even though all of her doctors told her to do it.

    She died on her 3rd round of chemo (from the treatment, not the cancer), but we all strongly believe she would've lived longer without that treatment. Not to mention her treatment and accommodation between cycles set us back thousands and thousands of dollars.

    I'm not saying there is a cancer cure that is being suppressed, but I believe that the treatments are intended to elongate your suffering and ultimately cause your death for the sake of economic gain.

  4. you should look on you tube, there is a lot of information on there about the governments trying to kill the working class people, have a look for your self & see what you think.

  5. My personal favorite theory is about The Beatles and Paul McCartney. Still trippy and confusing and mind boggling but a little less "the world is slowly coming to an end."

  6. I don't think that chemtrails are what Kylie Jenner makes them out to be. Government officials would not intend to harm people because they have to live here too and they would not put themselves at risk to gather a few extra bucks.

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