King Of The Hill Theory – Bobby Hill’s Real Dad – Cartoon Conspiracy (Ep. 50)

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  1. There is an episode called “Bobby on track S9:E14 Bill sarcastically says to Peggy “you think Bobby’s bad imagine if we had a child?” Laugh Laugh “I love HIM anyway” 😮

  2. I coulda sworn it’s implied that Bobby was some dope junkies kid that they adopted. Peggy is actually infertile and the narrow eurethra excuse is just Hank covering for Peggy.

  3. Bill may have erectile dysfunction, so there's a chance this theory is true or not. Either he got the erectile dysfunction side effect or Dale is just being goofy.

  4. Funny I never have anything to add 2 anything I see on YouTube … but let me just add to this very interesting Theory there's another scene or Bobby is asking Bill if he's adopted remember when Bobby has to go all the way back to get the dog biscuits it's almost as though bill was holding the secret by the time he returned with the dog biscuits it's almost as though Bill decided at the last minute much like he did in the water boat scene he straight from the truth to say Bobby from shock I don't like the way Ben Kenobi like to Luke and then later on he eventually admitted it by saying well from a certain point of view thank you for being now go out and get a job hopefully you're reading this while you're waiting for an interview

  5. Unless for some reason Peggy Slept with Cotton and that's why she never wanted him in the house cause she was afraid that Cotton might blab that's why Bobby looks alot like Cotton. DNA can be a mess, you guys cause I can say that Hank looks more like his mother but then you have think about Joihiro looking exactly like Hank

  6. Hank looks more like his mother than he does his father, and DeeDee is blonde, so it would make sense for Good Hank to look like him (Bobby's blonde hair is honestly unexplainable). Also, There is another theory that backs this up, and it's that Bill is actually Hank's brother. It is never mentioned in the show, and they share different last names, however, it is possible that Bill took his wife's last name, thus making Hill his maiden name. It would explain as to why he likes him preferably in comparison to most other characters in the show, and why he wanted to join the military, as Bill is honestly not the kind of person to consider working for the military of all things, even as a barber. Another theory is that Cotton likes Bill because he reminds him of himself, while he hates Hank because he reminds him of Tilly (Hank's Mom). Also, another thing to point out that Peggy tells Bobby not to spend too much time with him, and it's odd, because she's not like that towards the other negative influences that had occurred during the show, so why him in particular? However, to be fair, I will point out that Hank looks identical to Junichiro (Hank's Half-Japanese half-brother), and because they're related to one another through their father, it does put the "Bobby looks like Bill" notations out of consideration, but when you piece together the bits of dialogue, along with the recurring fact that he's obsessed with Peggy, with there being the questions of why her of all people, and why her specifically, why would he lie about him sleeping with Peggy if he didn't, taken under consideration, it has you wonder; what is going on here, exactly?

  7. I'm convinced after seeing the family picture of bill as a kid! Plus Peggy is SO mean to him probably out of guilt. Bill is such a nice man!

  8. You left out when they went to visit Bill's family and Bobby took to that lifestyle like it was natural. Even becoming a Dandy

  9. Hanka actually says that having Ladybird might have calmed his urethra up, and allow him to get Peggy pregnant.

  10. If you watch the halloween episode youll find that, during the flashback of Hank and the group as young boys, Hank looks exactly like Bobby, same character model

  11. This conspiracy just takes up space because Cotton’s, Hank’s dad, son that he had with that woman looks JUST like Bobby & Bobby looks like Cotton. All fruit from the same tree. At least Joseph LOOKS like John Redcorn. I think the creators are smarter than a theory like this.

  12. I think cotton was bill’s real father making him and Hank half brothers this would explain why bobby looks like bill, cotton, GH and even Hank. Haven’t you ever noticed that hank and bill resemble each other? bill gave bobby his family’s secret barbecue sauce recipe was because bobby is his nephew. Bobby takes after his grandfather cotton also in the order of the straight arrow flashback and Halloween showing Hank as a child he looks just like bobby face facial features. so no Bill is not bobby’s father.

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