1. Deer: Whats that little sh** doing today?
    Shane: K Guys were going to be talking about Clowns
    Deer: Shane, you silly ass you're a clown!
    Shane: Da Fu?

  2. I find it hilarious that people in a CAR are scared of a clown that's out in the open like if I saw a clown I WOULD RUN THAT BITCH OVER hell nahhhhh YALL ain't coming at me with them knives or bats or BULLSHIT fuck you thought

  3. We had a threat that a group of clowns were gonna come to my school and shoot it up. They made an Instagram account to scare everybody and literally only half of the people in our school showed up. It was on October 10th and they never showed up. It was just an idiot that wanted the attention. My friends and I knew it was all fake and we were just making up bunch of jokes (they announced that they were gonna be there at 10:15) so we were saying stuff like "I hope they come to our class first!" and we were making other people mad because they were actually scared

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