Kennedy Speech Conspiracy Secret Societies

Listen to this incredible audio recording of a speech made by JFK before the American Newspaper Publishers Association where he warns the press about the …




  1. He was warming the US citizens up to a huge revelation, that is obvious. He got killed for planning on spilling the beans.

  2. By the way, this speach it combined neatly of two separate sections.
    Up until 1:37 there is one part. After 1:37 he speaks about something different and it is simply blended in with the other part.
    BANG! Conspiracy theorists! You are fuckheads again!

  3. Awesome speech! So much truth, it didn't make much sense at the time before we decoded so much of the Illuminati agenda. Now it is crystal clear.

  4. so you anti shadow gov. thinkers believe that by your derogatory and diminutive statements against of conspiracy theories – you really think your so rational and logical ?
    Really dude? what is your pedigree dorcas?

    dah – my father actually served with JFK and told me off a shadow Gov. system of monetary control which directly impacted the internal and foreign policies of this nation – operating outside our founding institutions – a military industrial complex run by off shore banking cartels and financiers – "money makes the world go round" – when Jack ( we who knew him called him that DUMBO) was shot he said 'they" got him – "they" being the globalist elites in a truly secreted  system – when I asked him( he was a graduate at top of his class at Harvard so hardly a conspiracy freak) he reiterated it was a planned assassination from insidious unseen forces in our nations Gov.

     Even as early on as Andrew Jackson – that President in another public speech  warned in a speech of big international banks and CONCEALED GOVERNMENT being the eventual end of our free Republic built on the foundation of liberty- you cussing idiots presume to know what you do not – so I posit this to you …

    so you think Jack was referring to communist infiltrators from Cuba? And you think our Gov. in Washington and international components are so transparent and good? HAAAAAH lol

    Do you RFEALLY believe our government is fully transparent and open in its dealings and honest with the American "common people"

    LOL!!!!!  really?  So willfully ignorant of the obvious and pretenders to the heights of rational thinking – lol
    Get a liking for truth wherever it takes you – no wants a "conspiracy" label but the facts are they have been around since the dawn if human government.

    "Et tu Brute?"

    dumb and dumber you pseudo intellectuals remain …. its murder greed and cupidity you idealistic idiots who don't believe in conspiracies – stick your head in the sand some more ostrich brains ….

  5.  the unholy four (Bush Sr., Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney). The unholy four are actually Draconians who took human incarnations 26,000 years ago and are the four most visible Draco/human hybrids. 

  6. LOL – Let me get this straight. It was so threatening that he only spoke cryptically about it and his brothers did nothing about it. The speech was given over half a century ago – where are the conspirators? I know – they wanted ONE MEEELION DOLLARS!! Moohahah, moohahah, moohaha…

  7. I would be happy with a president that could speak as fluently as he did. None since him have delivered a speech that draws people in who listens to every word. None have put the emotion behind his words.People say he did nothing as president. If you leave out out him imspiring a nation into becoming the greatest achievers on Earth you could have an argument. None since have come close and our nation dies a slow death.We had the greatest scientist and innovators . We strives to better our future and our children's ,children's future. Today the head of our Space ,Science and Technology Committee denies science. Their interest to power our future lies in a nearly depleted barbaric deadly energy while the rest of the world continues to move to the future without us.What does it say about a country when the nation that delivers our life blood of oil and gas is quickly changing over to solar power while we continue living in the past?

  8. he is talking about the new world order . and every word of this warning has come to pass .. I wish he was still alive we need his strength and guts to get out of this

  9. His vice president LBJ was involved I'm sure of it. Kennedy was the last good democrat. after his death the democrat party became a clown act. now it looks like the republicans are joining in.

  10. "For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations." – JFK

    Kennedy knew about the NWO and was getting ready to pull the plug on their operations! Too bad he never got the chance. :(

  11. this speech, while possibly about more than just the USSR, is about the USSR. It's fun to wrap your mind in conspiracy theories, and most budding libertarians or just those that seek truth do it. However those that are somewhat seasoned with age, or are particularly bright, look for deeper context and see that the real problem is power unto itself. He speaks to concealment of pertinent facts, well have a look at how much info any nation state today classifies and you'll have your answer as to the problem. It's not an "NWO" per se, but people who have no culture, are devoid of feelings and empathy, sociopaths is typically how they're defined. They are drawn to power, nothing less, and understanding their motivation allows you to see through them. Pretty rhetoric like Angela Merkel's, Barack Obama's to name two is but a device to let people who believe in the power of power, believe. Amusing to read a sentence like that and not shake your head right, well, keep reading, keep digging, mature people understand power is never the answer, coercion is never the answer, you and I voluntarily working together is.

  12. Jesus is my shield and my sword. He opens my ears while I speak his word. Yeshua you are the word!! Love for the most high!!!

  13. He's speaking quite obviously about communism and its notoriously covert ways of spreading its influence, specifically contrasting the way it silences the press to the way a free republic must operate. Everyone knows that, right? I guess you're contending that he had multiple layers in his meaning here, but I'm not sure that's justified.

  14. He's talking about communism. Please listen to the full speech. He calls upon the press to censor itself. It's actually quite an authoritarian speech at the end of the day. He is not referring to the NWO.

  15. it was from within the neo-aristocratic Ur-Lodges “Geburah”, “Joseph de Maistre”, “Edmund Burke”, and “Compass Star-Rose” that the assassination plan originated. Kennedy was not a mason, but Lyndon B. Johnson was. Kennedy knew about the Ur Lodges, 36 of them rule this planet. MASSONI by Gioele Magaldi.

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