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  1. I do believe that Kendall is gay because the evidence of course. And if you think about it you never get to see in depth about her life with Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you never see her bringing a guy home or anything. I've I only seen a few episodes because we don't have cable at my house. So I could be missing a few facts but I think she's gay. And in my opinion gay people are awesome, I know people who are homophobic and they just live miserable lives. They see the world in a negative way and they think they are better than everybody.

  2. seeing as a scandal about stolen swimsuits just came out this week, can you do a follow up with details and stuff soon please?!?!

  3. i always knew there was something about kendall that was just different from the rest of her sisters besides the obvious reasons (actually being a literal model & all) but when you mentioned her being possibly bi/gay, something just clicked and made some sense about it…

  4. Imagine if the illuminati is just a big lie.
    We are literally making already Famous celebrities even MORE famous with all these theories

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