Justin Trudeau IS Fidel Castro’s Son? Crazy Conspiracy Theory That Turned Out to Be True! (?)

Here’s some hard new evidence to support the fact that Justin Trudeau (President of Canada) is the son of the late dictator Fidel Castro.




  1. Interesting read on Pierre and his Idiot Son:

    In 1940 a young Pierre, the son of a wealthy Quebec gas station owner began his political activism supporting the Quebec wing of the Marxist movement.

    He later changed his allegiance, joining the Quebec wing of the Communist Party. During this time, he led a group of like-minded Quebecers to a communist conference in Moscow. When questioned by Peter Worthington about his communist activities, he shrugged, suggested it was nothing, and claimed to have thrown a snowball at the statue of Stalin. Worthington pointed out that "That must have been very difficult as there wasn't any snow in Moscow all the time you were there".
    Trudeau was blacklisted and denied entry to the U.S. based on his Communist activity. He joined the CCF/NDP who actually believed he would be their candidate, and were taken aback when he joined the Liberal Party, reassuring his left-wing supporters "The Liberals are only a means to an end".

    In 1965 he won election as a Liberal in the Town of Mount Royale. He was appointed Justice Minister in Pearson's government.
    In 1968 he was elected PM and during the entire time he was PM, Canada was never privy to any highly classified intelligence.
    When he took office as PM in 1968 our national debt was 18 Billion, largely a hold-over from the war. Fifteen and a half years later, Canada’s debt was 200 billion with interest at 25 – 28%, and Canadians were losing their homes in record numbers, their businesses going bankrupt. Wage and price controls, and taxed through the roof.

    He appeared on CBC and declared his admiration for both China and Cuba and when asked about the millions who had died in their slave labor camps he stated, "Collateral damage is to be expected!!"

    He was a pacifist, kicked out of officer's training for behavior unbecoming an officer.
    This is the guy who raised this idiot and snowflake that we currently call a Prime Minister.

    "The Truth About Trudeau", is a great book by author Bob Plamondon. It's well worth the read.
    We desperately need amendments to our constitution. One is recall/impeachment… which would address the principle "tell them what they want to hear, and once you're elected you do what you want", which was Pierre's philosophy.
    Sorry for the lengthy narrative, I just wish people would inform themselves of who they are voting for. We survived the father but it was day to day, he set us back economically at least ten years. It amazes me that we have another Trudeau as Prime Minister.


  2. Trudeau’s Is Wasting Our Money

    This idiotic Prime Minister is throwing Canadian taxpayers money around like it was free. He thinks it is free because he gives our money away to nations all around the world but refuses to give it to our veterans.

    He says that our veterans are asking for more than he can give. Really? Then how is it he can find money to give to nations around the world but cannot find any to give to our veterans?

    Vote this fool out of office at the next federal election in 2019. Do not allow him to throw more of your money away. This Prime Minister is incompetent. Let’s get rid of him at the next opportunity.

    Here’s what he’s done with Canadian tax payers money so far as your Prime Minister.

    14 Million to Indonesia
    12 Million to Viet Nam
    15 Million to Africa
    2.6 Million to the United Nations
    1.2 Billion (yes, that’s BILLION), to resettle Syrian Refugees
    150 Million increase to the CBC. This is the outfit that will broadcast Liberal attack ads against the Conservative government. A little biased wouldn’t you say?

    Trudeau needs to go, now!! Vote him out of office in the 2019 Federal Election.

  3. You sound like a pedophile on valium. Try doing something productive with your life, instead of spouting laughably idiotic and easily refutable conspiracies.

  4. President of Canada????? For real? If you're going to make a comment maybe look up the fact that Canada has a Prime Minister. The Castro thing is definitely a good laugh but come on….President of Canada????

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