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  1. About @ beyoncefan666 , I read a theory on one of their tweets that the account was private before, they wrote a bunch of tweets, deleted the ones that didn't happen and then on feb 1st, made the account public. That would explain why ANY of their tweets' first replies are from feb 1st, even the tweets from 2016. I think it's a pretty smart theory since the account hasn't tweeted anything since ~jan 28 i think.

  2. on the tweets .they have done that before ,they just go to setting and change the date but post wat already is known ,..but like I said they change the date ,so it looks like a prediction..seen it done b4

  3. i know exactly how that person knew she was going to be pregnant. 666 stands for the devil and demonic forces, so the account owner is working w the devil. i would not suggest following or looking into that much more because the devil is real and you could get into a lot of trouble.

  4. People need to stop with the whole "celebrities are clones" conspiracy. Clones aren't just created as grown ups, they have to be born and grow up just as normal humans do, the only difference is that their DNA is copied from other already existing beings. So in order for any of those celebrities to be replaced by clones, the clone would've had to be made as said celebrities were still fetuses.

  5. hm just a though..if kanye/justin had clones that kind of wouldn't make sense. they would have had be to cloned at birth because when you clone someone they don't just show up at the age the person is currently, you have to do all this shit and it would be born as a new born ya know?? so that doesn't make sense because they didn't become famous until they were older

  6. Justin's personality has changed as well like he used to be all about his fans and now he won't even take pictures with kids and he used to love the kids

  7. Justin looks so good in the thumbnail. Okay I'm clicking out of this video because I'm low-key terrified this will fuck up my brain and I won't be able to see Justin in a way I've seen him for 7 years ??

  8. Along w the clone thing a few years ago when a photo was released of him smoking weed a bunch of fans said it wasnt justin bc the guy in the photo who did look exactly like justin did not have the tatoos that he had. Maybe again the guy in the photo was his clone

  9. Mandela effect: I own one of the original Maroon Five CDs and it has the list of songs on the back. The first time I got it, the eleventh track was titled: Homemade. And in the song it would sing homemade. Every time I would look at the CD, it said homemade. But now when I look at track eleven on their album Overexposed, it is titled: Doin' Dirt. Can someone please explain?

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