1. Yes MSM, You're right to panic…
    People get radicalized en mass into realisation that You're an no longer relevant, corrupt, lying scum…
    Here, REEE now….

  2. People aren't stupid if they don't like something they won't watch like and if anything youtube just reinforces their own views.

  3. Sargon is actually one of those anomalies you mentioned. He has actually stated on several videos that he's a Liberal. He criticizes Liberals and Leftists a lot, so he is seen as Conservative. His history of disagreements with Anita Sarkisian is one of those reasons for the mislabling.

  4. I've never been recommended a 'Nazi video' either, but you have to bear in mind these people's definition of what constitutes a 'Nazi video' is loose at best.

  5. Tim, you're confused because you aren't considering the very real possibility that so called "journalists" are actively seeking to censor opinions they don't like.

    At this point, giving them the benefit of the doubt is the radical approach.

  6. Even if you do seek out the content, it means nothing to begin with. Why do we deny people the intelligence, to watch something, without automatically adapting to every part of the video? Or is it more about not wanting to talk about unpleasant topics? Hmmmmm…

  7. These so called journalists DO research and DO look at the data, they don't like what they find so just make shit up to support their leftard views.

  8. I listen to timcast playing playstation. Of the recommend videos that pop up almost all of em are more timcast. When i do a search for videos about one of my games i get videos pop up about that game. How is that a conspiracy?

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