John F. Kennedy Secret Society Speech (Part 2/2)

John F. Kennedy or JFK was the 35th President of the United States, serving from 1961 until his assassination. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, …




  1. Trying to tell a patriot about the illuminati is like telling a 1 yr old to go to the store and buy a pack of cigarettes.. My Gosh EVEN JFK wasn't BLIND SMH..TOO MUCH PROOF out there that the Illuminati's is REAL… But those didn't listen back then and still refuse to acknowledge the existence of the Illuminati.

  2. Trying to tell a patriot about the illuminati is like telling a 1 yr old to go to the store and buy a pack of cigarettes.. ( WONT LISTEN NOR UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU TALKING ABOU- Trying to make something impossible happen) My Gosh EVEN JFK wasn't BLIND SMH..TOO MUCH PROOF out there that the Illuminati's is REAL… But those didn't listen back then and still refuse to acknowledge the existence of the Illuminati.

  3. people dont care about truth, truth is troublesome. people care about b**bs and booze, those are satisfying. in a natural world these people would struggle to survive and fail to procreate, in our artificially made world they get promoted instead to be farmed like hens and cows.

  4. JFK and RFK were clear about putting the brakes on CIA and FBI – esp. J. Edgar Hoover. "communism" was a manufactured threat pushed into the mainstream by Edw. Bernays, CIA and the US corporate overlords to as the ever-present 'threat'- in reality worker's rights , better wages, etc was what got the corporation leaders stirred up so any leftist-type talk was marginalized as 'communist=anti-American'. My thought is JFK was alluding to the dangers of financiers controlling too much.

  5. The end was cut…. Free and Independent! Great speech. A coward silenced him. Only those who do not sing out from their hearts or speak through their own mouths are still singing lalalalaaaaaaa without any positive or revealing message

  6. you have not a face, are you a spy, a coward? Yes gaga and riana get more hits, as long as they don't end up like "Marilyn Monroe" or Project Marilyn even Shakira went blonde when she was so beautiful and natural looking, for what?

  7. Kennedy talks about not free elections but 'subversion' this has to be construed as gaining power indirectly through and by illegitimate means because it is not opne IT IS DONE IN SECRET this is the essence of those who are affliated with illuminati, they use they open places of office or in buisness and with their influence will carry out the missives of the illuminati who have their own agenda which is known to be under the 'one world order'.

  8. "Man", come on. is it not obvious that the machine is being referred to? Only a blind conformist cannot see the truth, we are being used by a power greater than we know, a devilishly concentrated form of power. carefully hidden in secret societies….. i cant even write this in a text box with out laughing. there is no Illuminati people who think that are truly lost, but he is referring to what is technically stalinism, not communism.

  9. if there is a secret society steering man kind in the direction it sees fit, i highly doubt its existence would ever be disclosed- let alone its name. there is no machine, get a job.

  10. I have only listened to this speech once, but from what i have interpreted there is no "sub-text". kennedy is carefully touching the subject of information, the distribution of information of the public. which could be perceived as an attach on those who with hold or control that information. keep in mind the situation of the cold war, espionage was common and afluant on both fronts. He was promoting a witch hunt and nothing more.

  11. yeah, I'm all about this, but was he talking about communism? I'd like to think he was talking about 'secret societies' comprised of bankers, economic magnates, etc.

  12. They are one in the same. There is audio of John Wayne saying back when communists were being trialed that they went under a new name called liberals and worked their way into Hollywood, brainwash a generation through that and worked their way into government. Here we are now

  13. It is very misleading when people isolate that one excerpt of this speech where he says a bunch of buzz words like "secret societies" and "new world order"

  14. his words could not be more relevant, half a century ago they were spoken. just look at what has been revealed recently, he couldn't of been more right…

  15. Regardless of what happened with the assassination, his speech here has little to do with occult secret societies.  He's talking about the Cold War and the encroaching covert communist threat.  The reference to secret societies was purely to point out the widespread dislike by Americans of secrecy, especially from the government.  He's saying that he wants the media to show better discretion and realize that at these times, it may be necessary within reason.

  16. @TherealFrikkster1997
    This sounds like the Whitehouse correspondents dinner… hence the beginning jokes.  POTUS is the keynote speaker, preceded by usually comedians.  JFK turned it to a more serious matter: please don't publish stories that jeopardize national security.

    Correction: the speech was given to the American Newspaper Publishers Association at the Waldorf Astoria in 1961, not at the Hilton during the correspondents dinner.  Close, though.  I wonder if they had a comedian open for him.

  17. He's talking about the Bilderbergs. He refused to do as they wanted. JFK  and his brother were a great threat to them. They both died. The Bilderbergs are the ones behind the NWO. Since 1954 when they first gathered, they have worked behind the scenes and bear the responsibility to where this country is at this time. They want to destroy this country and the Constitution. It is not conspiracy theory, it is now reality. They are boldly out in the open now.

  18. He was a truly wise and noble man who thought of the greater good and the horrible enemies that may befall the people of this planet. The travesty that came upon him directly after this speech leaves little suspicion to the orchestrates of his demise. The only what if should be to what may have been but never can we dwell in the past or we bring it into the present by way of ignorance. We have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the corruption for far too long and if we do not correct this problem soon I fear the worst for the people of this planet. So don't go out there and point fingers saying you and you. Instead put the perpetrators against the wall of justice and ask them why and when. As I always say, challenge everything, to the brink of futility.

  19. Self restraint, is it news, is it in the interest of National Security?  These are the questions President Kennedy asked in a time of peace.  He felt an obligation to present the facts that we needed to know.  He was asking journalist to inform the American people, not to entertain, but to inform, arouse and to reflect the hopes and threats of us all … he encouraged pointing out errors– "An error doesn't become a mistake until we refuse to correct them."  He was looking for us to be what we were born to be … a free society–and he died for it.  He was fighting a cold war funded and directed by secret societies born before the Bilderbergs … the Bilderbergs are just a new name on a very old agenda …

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