Joe Rogan – Wildfires and CONSPIRACIES | “Cars are MELTING”

Joe Rogan talks about wildfires and CONSPIRACIES. http://bit.ly/2Jznzzw For the entire Joe Rogan Experience – Fight Companion – November 10, 2018 click …




  1. Eddie Bravo is right. Eddie is not some idiot like some of you here claiming this is regular fire doing this. No, these 'fires' doing this to cars also did this to the cars and trucks at ground zero on 9-11. The same type of weaponry that turned concrete to dust while the twin towers were in freefall. The same weaponry that twisted and contorted metal I-Beams. Regular fire doesnt do that. This is exotic weapons. Not even thermite will cause concrete to turn to dust while the building is in freefall. This is military technology, not house fires, or camp fires. If you dont believe me just go look up the vehicles of both Iraq wars and you will see the same signatures left on those vehicles too. SO WHO is behind it all huh? LMFAO….your government.

  2. Some questions:

    1) How did the fires burn down houses but not the trees?
    2) Why is the ash white instead of black?
    3) Why have firefighters reported it's like a nuke went off, not at all like a regular forest fire?

    Any help with these?

  3. Many of the melted wheels are steel, as well, not just aluminum. Thick ass steel and aluminum wheels CANNOT melt in a forest fire. Come on people…How stupid are you?? Hell, even cheap tin cans and soda cans are still left after burning a shit load of wood in a fire pit. Does anyone have a brain anymore?? Commercial planes are disappearing into thin air without a trace (Malaysian Airlines); high-rise buildings collapse due to burning paper (Building 7); and now cars are melting in wood fires. Give me a break people…

  4. The OFFICIAL REPORT claims that this fire started 100 yards "OUTSIDE" of the Rocketdyne property. So even though they have all kids of the worlds most flammable materials on site it is not their problem because it started mmmm . . . right over there past the fence where they are in no way responsible. Kinds like that furniture company who hadn't sold anything in years that suddenly "mysteriously burned down but not to worry . . . they had EXCELLENT fire insurance.

  5. Climate change doesn’t give a fuck if your wealthy or not.
    Drought sets the table for catastrophe.
    Don’t worry Joe- Trump says it’s a hoax. So you’ll be ok. Smh.

  6. joe thinks he’s talking to children
    he’s trying to convince us that the car is melting in to a puddle because there is a little petroleum inside it
    this has become joe’s role now in the world to cover up the truth with stupid excuses
    seriously joe how stupid do you think we are
    an entire town gets obliterated because of camp fire
    oh shut up and fuck off
    anyway this guy has been approached by the deep state or those so called left wing wankers who are fucking california in the ass on a daily basis
    anything that the deep state touches it transform it in a shit hole

  7. I'm just saying, joe seemed oddly closed off to even discussing direct energy weapons. It almost appeared like he didn't want to believe the government could be behind it because he was personally affected by the fire so he was maybe speaking from a biased perspective (which is understandable). But my spidey senses are tingling. I swear if they end up building a train in the exact route the fire burned, there needs to be a revolution somehow someway. There is a ton of evil going on that not many people are aware of

  8. I love how eddie is dropping suddle hints of conspiracy in the beginning then cant help himself and blurts out “directed energy”

  9. Joe your wrong tires are vulcanized to make them not flamable. These fires are not normal. I am 63 and not in my lifetime have fires burnt like these. Yeah refrigerators. Stoves cast iron bathtubs c'mon man stop your shilling for these psychopaths. You are either totally uninformed or you are part of the apparatus

  10. Bahamas desalinate their water from ocean. I ran boats that had a desalination device. Most top end vessels have desalination plants

  11. In some photos, the surrounding trees and shrubs are intact. The houses and cars are melted. Also think about agenda 21 and the major faultline ready to blow. They could be trying to evacuate people without having to explain why. Something to consider….

  12. Joe is a pawn working for the deep state. His job is to be a disinformation agent. Who is he anyways? Isn't he just some guy that took drugs that a bunch of idiots thinks is cool? If he was enlightened then he would be speaking the truth. He has an agenda.

  13. It is almost like this show is scripted. Joe is going over all the talking points about embers and rubber ect and Eddie is talking about the "crazy people theory's" Oh brother. This show is cointelpro if I have ever heard.

  14. #1 Joe contradicted himself when he said the the trees around the homes have moisture, then proceeds to say that the trails are dry,brown and dusty. I suppose when people water their grass, the trees accumulates little moisture. Very little compared to rain, which he claims was sparse.
    #2 A housefire is likely to set the surrounding trees on fire if it is hot enough to melt ceramic bathtubs.
    #3 Why no mention of the unprecedented high temperatures of this forest fire?
    #4 Joe asks why a DEW would use fire? Well obviously it has to be a fire or a flood for it to seem natural. Area is not close to water and has some elevation.

    I'm not sure what the truth is … but Joe is being real closed-minded on this one. Almost feels like he's trying to avoid the questions … he lives in the area, he should be more motivated to find real answers.

  15. Listening to joe try to explain these forest fires is a joke. Look up the pictures with these fires that are carried by 50mph winds. They can burn the cars and houses and be surrounded by trees but they don't get burned down. Right!!

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