Joe Rogan on Conspiracies, Chemtrails, and Questioning Everything (form Joe Rogan Experience #385)

This clip is from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #385 with Duane Ludwig & TJ Dillashaw (http://bit.ly/Km37OG), also available for download via iTunes …




  1. The amount of time a trail is going to linger is dependent on the temperature of the heat coming off the jet thrust and the temperature of outside air it come in contact with. Changes in these variables give trails of different densities. The more dense the trail the longer it lingers, the less dense the trail the less time it lingers.

  2. If you look at the trail closely with a pair of binoculars you notice the trail is being created far back away from the jet engine. A Chem trail would be introduced into the atmosphere through a nozzle which means you would see the trail start right at the back of the engine.

  3. bullshit thats why their is literally tic tac toe boards above citys you dumb ass gtfo chem trails are real and its been admitted by the government

  4. i do like joe but when you got tic tac toe grids all over the sky its pretty hard to say its just contrails what about when there are no clouds an the chemtrail goes on as far as the eye can see.

  5. until you see the checkered patterns in the sky, how do you explain that? photos are posted of miles of perfect checkerboard patterns, mit has just admitted to geoengineering a few months ago. they said they have been doing it to combat global warming and reflect the suns rays. historically when the government admits to something its been going on for a long time. of course it's not all geoengineering, but scientists have taken samples in the mountains where no humans go and they are finding incredible amounts of chemicals in areas where they have never been present before. this is a pretty sketchy topic because both sides can show why these things linger and both sides are right. but after the Mit a very famous and prestigious Academy admits that thry have been geoengineering you can't refute something is happening

  6. You can get a phone app that will identify the flight details of aircraft you see in the sky, allso in the WW2 film Memphis Belle they talk about the problem of contrails giving away the possition of bomber formations over Germany

  7. I want the chem trials to stop immediately! I want U.S military aircraft to intercept and force the chem trail sprayers to land at a military instillation and arrested! Until this is done it is an attack on the American people. They will not say what they are doing so it is an attack!

  8. Dude you are very right, you don't know jack shit about contrails or chemtrails. There are many qualified folks who are 100% convinced and quite aware that there are geoengineering programs in place using chemicals and metals to create lingering clouds. Get your head out of the chemtrails and wake up. Intentional or not you are dead wrong and you know it.

  9. Rogan. Your smart talker but you are dumb as fuck…. 911. That's how I know all you say is garbage. Grow a pair

  10. Joe, you not remembering shit you did a week ago isn't saying much. You smoke weed dude, short term memory is a thing, man.

  11. He's not going to talk about the high altitude lakes and snow which have high levels of these metals showing up. Totally different argument there!

  12. "Questioning everything" is a good principle, but only if the person asking the questions has some basic knowledge or intelligence. 
    I used to think Joe Rogan was cool until I heard some of the crap he spouts on his podcast. He's great on the UFC, but he should leave scientific topics to people who know what they are talking about.

  13. what a pathetic go at explaining a real thing ,, you said you dont know shit and go by what you see people say on the internet ,, so if you see 100 people say the world if flat and only 80 say its not ,, you believe the 100 without doing any research ,, dont mention research later ,, you fucked up joe

  14. The town that I live in is situated between two mountain ranges and the planes that spray chemicals leave trails that span horizon to horizon, both North to South, East to West. Moreover, the trails linger all day and night and get blown like cotton candy across the sky and blanket that shit completely!

  15. Such a fucking shill, next time you see these lingering Chemtrails make a mental note and go look in the sky after an hour or two these clouds expand and are strategically intertwined to cause a blanket of clouds that look like gloomy storm clouds. Not to mention the barium and aluminum etc have been found on land as stringy webs that have been lab tested and confirmed.

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